Europe 2006

 By maplefanta

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The Summary

Well Here I am back again in Europe, no plans at all... but going to meet friends back, be easy going on the destinations and with new Hospitality Club friends to be met on the way! Things will simply got clearer along the way as well as the future projects

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July 2nd, 2006Montreal, Canada
July 3rd, 2006London, England
July 3rd, 2006Leuven, Belgium
July 11th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
July 17th, 2006Leiden, Netherlands
July 19th, 2006Groningen, Netherlands
July 20th, 2006Esbjerg, Denmark
July 22nd, 2006Copenhagen, Denmark
July 24th, 2006Jonkoping, Sweden
July 25th, 2006Stockholm, Sweden
July 28th, 2006Turku, Finland
July 31st, 2006Tampere, Finland
August 1st, 2006Oulu, Finland
August 2nd, 2006Kuusamo, Finland
August 7th, 2006Rovaniemi, Finland
August 7th, 2006Karigasniemi, Finland
August 8th, 2006Porsanger - Lakselv, Norway
August 9th, 2006Honningsvag, Norway
August 11th, 2006Oksfjord, Norway
August 12th, 2006Storslett, Norway
August 14th, 2006Muonio, Finland
August 15th, 2006Kalix, Sweden
August 16th, 2006Haapajarvi, Finland
August 18th, 2006Helsinki, Finland
August 22nd, 2006Tallinn, Estonia
August 24th, 2006Tartu, Estonia
August 25th, 2006Riga, Latvia
August 26th, 2006Siguldas, Latvia
August 27th, 2006Riga, Latvia
August 28th, 2006Vilnius, Lithuania
August 30th, 2006Warsaw, Poland
September 1st, 2006Kloden, Germany
September 4th, 2006Traben-Trarbach, Germany
September 5th, 2006Cologne, Germany
September 5th, 2006Solingen, Germany
September 7th, 2006Dusseldorf, Germany
September 7th, 2006Maastricht, Netherlands
September 7th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
September 9th, 2006Chimay, Belgium
September 10th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
September 23rd, 2006Leopoldsburg, Belgium
September 24th, 2006Ghent, Belgium
September 27th, 2006Oostende, Belgium
September 28th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
September 29th, 2006Frankfurt am Main, Germany
October 2nd, 2006Walldorf, Germany
October 3rd, 2006Heidelberg, Germany
October 4th, 2006Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
October 7th, 2006Lausanne, Switzerland
October 12th, 2006Lyon, France
October 13th, 2006Brioude, France
October 14th, 2006Clermont-Ferrand, France
October 16th, 2006Vichy, France
October 16th, 2006Bourges, France
October 18th, 2006Orleans, France
October 20th, 2006Antwerp, Belgium
October 21st, 2006Grimbergen, Belgium
October 22nd, 2006Mechelen, Belgium
October 23rd, 2006Tienen, Belgium
October 25th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
October 30th, 2006Tienen, Belgium
November 1st, 2006Brussels, Belgium
November 3rd, 2006Antwerp, Belgium
November 4th, 2006Ghent, Belgium
November 6th, 2006Brussels, Belgium
November 10th, 2006Maastricht, Netherlands
November 12th, 2006The Hague, Netherlands
November 14th, 2006Wageningen, Netherlands
November 17th, 2006Bocholt, Germany
November 18th, 2006Munster, Germany
November 19th, 2006Hamburg, Germany
November 22nd, 2006Lubeck, Germany
November 24th, 2006Koszalin, Poland
November 29th, 2006Gdansk, Poland
December 2nd, 2006Olsztyn, Poland
December 5th, 2006Elk, Poland
December 5th, 2006Kaunas, Lithuania
December 8th, 2006Riga, Latvia
December 22nd, 2006Kaunas, Lithuania
December 23rd, 2006Elk, Poland
December 23rd, 2006Gdansk, Poland
December 28th, 2006Warsaw, Poland
January 4th, 2007Warsaw, Poland
January 8th, 2007Lublin, Poland
January 11th, 2007Wieliczka, Poland
January 12th, 2007Krakow, Poland
January 15th, 2007Auschwitz, Poland
January 19th, 2007Bielsko-Biala, Poland
January 22nd, 2007Olomouc, Czech Republic
January 24th, 2007Prague, Czech Republic
January 26th, 2007Trutnov, Czech Republic
January 29th, 2007Brno, Czech Republic
January 31st, 2007London, England
February 3rd, 2007Poole, England
February 9th, 2007London, England
February 11th, 2007Poole, England
February 19th, 2007Eastbourne, England
February 20th, 2007Dover, England
February 21st, 2007Brussels, Belgium
February 27th, 2007Leuven, Belgium
March 1st, 2007Grimbergen, Belgium
March 2nd, 2007Brussels, Belgium
March 6th, 2007Maastricht, Netherlands
March 8th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
March 11th, 2007London, England
March 12th, 2007Poole, England
March 18th, 2007Bournemouth, England
March 30th, 2007Weymouth, England
March 31st, 2007St-Peter-Port, Guernsey
April 1st, 2007Poole, England
April 27th, 2007London, England
April 30th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
May 2nd, 2007Rochefort, Belgium
May 4th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
May 7th, 2007Roeselare, Belgium
May 8th, 2007Dover, England
May 9th, 2007Poole, England
May 12th, 2007Saint Peter Port, Guernsey
May 13th, 2007Poole, England
May 14th, 2007Weymouth, England
May 24th, 2007Poole, England
May 29th, 2007Cherbourg, France
June 1st, 2007Poole, England
June 4th, 2007Saint-Malo, France
June 4th, 2007Saint Peter Port, Guernsey
June 5th, 2007Poole, England
June 8th, 2007London, England
June 9th, 2007Poole, England
June 15th, 2007Bournemouth, England
June 16th, 2007Saint Helier, Jersey
June 17th, 2007Poole, England
June 26th, 2007Christchurch, England
June 28th, 2007Poole, England
July 19th, 2007Stansted, England
July 19th, 2007Traben-Trarbach, Germany
July 22nd, 2007Poole, England
August 19th, 2007Brussels, Belgium
August 21st, 2007New York, New York
August 21st, 2007Quebec City, Canada
August 22nd, 2007Lac-Sergent, Canada
September 2nd, 2007Newark, New Jersey
September 3rd, 2007Brussels, Belgium
September 3rd, 2007Heathrow, England
September 4th, 2007Poole, England