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November 17

Greatly I stood at a tank station along the highway not too far from the German border. I stood there until I could talk to some people to get a ride, first with a german who started questionning me about how to tank his car... duhhh.

So finally he somehow got mad that I couldnt answer him correctly in german (while being in the NL) and therefore said he had no place for me in his minivan. Anyway I waited and its a dutch couple who took me over till the perfect exit in Germany. They were pretty cool, not the kind of taking hitch-hikers and I think they liked it, having a canadian who spoke dutch in their car. I had several dropjes on the way and then I was at another crossroad about 15km out of Bocholt.

I stood there and it seemed obvious that every car with the BOR nummer plate where going in my direction, all finishing job, being young and alone in their cars. I saw the sun drop down behind the trees and still no one eager to pick me... shit shit. So I walked to see if someone would be more friendly further. While I walked and pulled my thumb up its a whole city bus who stopped along the road to take me and could bring me all the way to 6km out of Bocholt. Great, I seem to have it with city buses in Germany as its not the first time!

There I walked and finally sent an sms to Martin and he was preparing to pick me up along the road with Marcel, the young boy he was taking care for the afternoon.
They found me quite easy and we headed to his place to relax have a drink, talk and let Marcel enjoy the differents lights and bass sound in the house.
Marcel was suffering of autism, or down syndrom, I cant really remember and he seemed to have adopted me quite fast has he didnt wait long before hanging around me and my bag.

I surfed the net a bit while Martin was taking care of him and then we were going to bring him to his parents and Martin asked if I could come as well. So then we had a short meal snack with the family there.

Its a bit later that we were back to Martin's place and talked most of the evening before going to sleep quite early as we were both tired.
Martin was an old mailman, who retired because of an accident and now couldnt really do any other job so he volunteer and work as a driver and helper for disable people.
We talked about his HC experiences and his clues about the organisation it was good.
Then I slept on the inflatable matrass... cheers!
November 18

The wake up went short and fine, a tasty average breakfast and we hit the road in direction of Borken where Martin was going and it was on my way. He was meeting some people there and it was giving me the chance to see the market square. It was a nice but obviously had suffer from the war (like most of that region) but still had a great structure and buildings left.

Then Martin drove me along the way but then it revealed that he got hell of stress by pulling along the side of the road to let me out. I was looking at the map and then he said you have to hurry as I can not stand here its not legal. I told him to simply move a little bit forward where there was a huge side spot to stand (eventhough the spot we were wasnt disturbing the trafic at all). Instead he entered the highway and then got stuck as he didnt want to fastly make a u-turn (saying its illegal and he doesnt break the law)... simply reminding that the road was desertic.
Anyhow its only later that he let me on another entrance in a hurry cause he couldnt stop... the reaction was for me pretty germanic in the silly way of it but well I simply fastly got my bag from the trunk and let him leave.
It was just fully sadly an awkward way to leave each other...

There I stood in this barely no trafic corner until at last a guy pulled over to take me further near Munster. No talking much, and people not being to kind of willing to take me over as well at first. It was the same routine at the second spot until another guy gently  pull aside to take me into town.
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photo by: gejah