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May 7

We arrived at Roeselare by the end of the afternoon, a nice train ride in the 'piek uur' time, the belgian train are still lovely and comfortable... even if we had nowhere to sit due to the high amount of people coming from work. But still it is such a great way of locomotion, we waited for Steven to pick us up at the train station before doing a fast city tour by car and go to his place. We met with 2 couchsurfers that were staying at Steven's for the last days.

Slightly later, our host also arrived. A friendly hippie alike belgian, we had quite a lot of fun altogether, discussing and enjoying the meal Steven had prepared.  Lovely fries, some veggie stuff for me and carnivore stuff for all the other. It was delicious!

Nadine acted lovely today but also slightly distant which seemed strange at some point. We still had a decent time, at my opinion.

Later we went to our host (Bob from Couchsurfing) who lives just outside Roeselare, we enjoyed a little wine and had more discussion. The funny thing was that the short, knowing each other discussion, extend to a quite pretty late hour. But it was a cheerful moment, quite strong experiences were shared that night and the discussions went deep.

I felt like hugging Nadine strongly and act as a sort of protection but I must say I had the impression of being in front of a person that has somehow closed its shell. I was thoughtful a lot that night.

May 8

mm a grey day over West-Vlaanderen, we took a lazy morning and Nadine went out to scouge for some food for the breakfast and the road. We finally left Bob's place (whom had left to work by the morning) by midday, walked until we could find the main to hitch-hike.

It went perfect and a couple of cars later we where in Jabbeke (after the incident of being asked by the police what we were aiming at in Brugge... which I answer in perfect dutch ;)

In Jabbeke Services though we didn't really know what to do, how to leave and cross to England from now on. We were in a good mood though, and the day was fine. Nadine finally found a trucker who could take us all the way to Calais, we took the ride but truck driver can only have one passenger to cross the Channel. So after further thought and discussion we decided that Nadine would get off near Calais and try to get a ride with another truck, while I would cross the channel with Franki.
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