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Getting around the Nordkapp Toll Booth
August 9

So I woke up quite early in Lakselv and get breakfast, prepared and eventually said goodbye to Anne and the children before getting on the road... I walked by the church and tried to get a short through a kindergarten area which was pretty weird when I noticed...

Finally, I found a good spot along the road and stopped there and did some pictures of myself and the area around before awaiting for the few cars passing by. Finally I havent had to wait long before a norvegian took me over in his caravan all the way to the crossroad that goes to Nordkapp or Alta, in Olderfjord. There the waiting has been long, way more long and some little dropplet of rain get over my head so I sheltered for a moment. But the traffic was really scarce and the hours went on.
Did get around the Nordkapp Toll booth
.. mainly buses passing.

Finally, a guy took me over after I started to walk along the road and brought me to the next crossroad which is only few km further. At least it was something I didnt get to walk. Then I started to walk along the road next to the fjord and did so for few km until a swedish guy stopped to pick me over and he was going all the way to Nordkapp. We stopped at few spot to take some pictures of the pristine turquoise fjord water or the reindeer. He was studying medicine and was suppose to work in Alta but it seems a mistakes had been done and he was being moved down in southern Norway for the job and he wanted to have the chance to go to Nordkapp before leaving in a few days so he rented a car at 'rent a wreck', which makes that you rent old crappy car for really cheap price.
View on the Arctic ocean from Nordkapp

So the ride went really cool and I promoted him to HC, finally we also approached the long 8km long tunnel that brings us to Mageroya island and on the other side there was a toll booth to pay for the tunnel and even all passenger had to pay, but finally he paid the fees for me. We approached Honningsvåg and he drove me to the villages even asking me if I wanted to join him to Nordkapp now but I said I would wait the following day. He was really pretty cool and I was his first HH.

Then I contacted Christian who came to pick me up not so long ago to bring me to the place I was going to stay, which was the tv room of a church convent where they all were staying (the guide to Nordkapp). We talked and cooked and finally later I went to sleep there after looking the never coming night!

Done all by Hitch-Hiking!!!!

August 10

I've done it!! The northernmost point of Norway and Europe and I did reach by hitch-hiking and all for free (either the toll tunnel to the island and the fare entrance to Nordkapp site itself!).
Nordkapp itself

(thanks to Christian for the tips of how to get to Nordkapp for free!)

So the highest amount I will have spend is for the postcard I sent to my family from Nordkapp itself.

Basically I left Honningsvåg by foot leaving the villages and finally walking along the road for a few km following the fjord and looking at the mountainous landscape. After some km of walk its a finnish guy in a van who stopped by the road and picked me over. He was going all the way to Nordkapp on this trip and was also going to fish at some other places on the island. He was an old man enjoying his vacation by himself as his wife didn't want to join him and stayed in Helsinki.

The middle part of the road was even more wonderful than the one I had been walking.
Welcome to Nordkapp, did it all by hitch-hiking
The high plateau of Mageroya island is simply incredible... the views from this really high altitude place over to the toundra, the lakes and the fjord are amazing. (the green is purely green, the grey-rust colour of the rock and cape are distinguish as well as the blue and turquoise of the water.

From a little distance of Nordkapp, I got out of the car and simply walked along the road and cut over the toundra to avoid the toll booth to the site and walked around and as the fog came up at the same moment it was pretty easy to do so. So I walked in the fog towards Nordkapp in the toundra all alone and it felt wonderful... although I also got all my feet and bottom pants wet.

As I arrived by the side of Nordkapp, I got an amazing view on it before the fog wrapped it all with the waves of the Arctic ocean ending on the bottom of it.
Arctic Ocean from Nordkapp
When I reached the site itself with the touristy feature the fog wrapped the whole cape area and I went inside to visit the museums, movies and installation. The fog moved out some more but really short and as I went in to write my postcards an even thicker fog came over with a really strenght cold wind and we couldnt even see further than 5m ahead and the cold mixed with my wet feet was a bad feeling. I was getting scare of being stuck there for the night though.

So finally, I did though reach it and from that point I'm only 2000km from the North Pole :) It's mostly symbolic as it's simply a rock and its most of the time under fog, but I was there, even if the most northern spot is actually a little peninsula more at the west that can be reached by hiking 10km and stretches few hundred meters more north.
On the way to Mageroya Island, the Fjord views
.. I didnt care! My joy and thoughtful moment at Nordkapp was complete by sitting and thinking! One life steps!

From now on the only thing I can do is go back south. But the fog made it difficult as I couldnt see the cars on the parking and therefore could'nt hitch-hike back and the cold temperature wasnt tempting to hike. I looked all cars number plates and potential space in them and went to the lobby to look at the people coming out of the complex. Finally, I followed 2 guys who were leaving and next to their car I asked for a lift. They didnt really wanted to pick me and said they were going to a village not Honningsvåg but I said bring me there anyway and finally I got a ride with these 2 guys from Helsinki riding an estonian car and finally their final destination was the camping few km from Honningsvåg where I had reached while walking in the morning.
.. so it was great and I started to walk back.

Further on the way, as the road are to narrowed for 2 cars to cross while there is a pedestrian along, (which anyway doesn't happen often with the scarce traffic but luckely did then), one of the car simply stopped and then I pulled my thumb up and hop he picked me over to bring me direct to the place where I was staying.

The rest of the evening, I simply cooked some rice and relaxed by the tv room talking with Christian and the others and playing chess. Finally, I got to sleep... closing all curtains because it stays fully lights all night and hop till the morning (saying the goodbyes to Christian already as he was leaving more early than I).
August 11

Christian had already left quite early has he needed to go consult the nearest dentist which is 200km away in Hammerfest.
Honningsvag Harbour view
I woke up a bit later and also later than wanted so I somehow missed the 'morning traffic'. I also felt the burden of having had my feet wet the previous day and having walk a lot by having my nose block and feeling a flu coming over.  Anyhow, I prepared and hit the road by foot till the first crossroad out of the village with the help of an old local man who took me over for about 1km.

Then at the crossroad, the traffic was simply inexistent... then I walked further and further reaching the entrance of the first tunnel. Only few cars passed and finally I decided to try out crossing the tunnel by foot... which was a huge mistake!
The tunnel was about 4,2km long and dark and I walked it without having a single car stopping by. By the end, it was simply suffocating with all the exhaust gas, noise and hard 4km continous walk with my heavy back pack in that condition.
View from the dwarf - Honninsgvag
So I felt like fainting and had to give all my energy to get out which I did but then simply crashed in the nearest grass area seeking fresh air and water. It was an horrible experience and it affected deeply my flu condition which turned even more bad then.

Still having no cars after about one hour of inactivity by the numbing attempt of crossing the tunnel... I got back to walk more and did so for few km until the next settlement having had no cars stopping whatsoever, watching the landscapes and the reindeer was all what's left.
Finally my luck was a norvegian woman who stopped then and picked me for all the way to the crossroad of Hammerfest! My luck. We drove by and she paid the tunnel fees to get out of the island. Then, its been a ride of enjoying the landscape with one stop at an halte where I got my feet and some of the water from the Arctic Ocean.

We also had to stopped few times for the reindeer asleep by the road, especially in one of the tunnel where a troop of reindeer had gathered to get some cold air, shadows and be out of the mosquitos and therefore fully blocking the streets and traffic. I simply went out of the car clapping in my hand in the middle of the cattle and hushing them away which worked and the car could go through.

We stopped in Olderfjord to pick up someone and sillyly, when leaving the trunk had been left open ... when I noticed it it was few km further and we had lost a bag, so we drove back to catch it and then the way back until I came out near Hammerfest to continue on my way in direction of Alta!

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Getting around the Nordkapp Toll B…
Getting around the Nordkapp Toll …
Did get around the Nordkapp Toll b…
Did get around the Nordkapp Toll …
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View on the Arctic ocean from Nor…
Nordkapp itself
Nordkapp itself
Welcome to Nordkapp, did it all by…
Welcome to Nordkapp, did it all b…
Arctic Ocean from Nordkapp
Arctic Ocean from Nordkapp
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Honningsvag Harbour view
Honningsvag Harbour view
View from the dwarf - Honninsgvag
View from the dwarf - Honninsgvag
photo by: Paulovic