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24 May

A day off, our guest left early to catch his flight from Bournemouth airport and I heard him but still slept later. I must say I didn't take any note of what I did from now for the following days (weeks) so unless something special happened it will be boring.

So most likely I will have gone out and enjoyed the sun!

25 May

Another dead day, and my last one before being a full employee on the ship
Nothing really special besides getting a lunch ready for the next day and preparing my uniform all nitty. I watched a movie by morning and stayed calm the rest of the evening.
I went to visit a room and finally got called, I will move the 5th of June in. I went to visit the landlord and receive the contract some of those past days.

26 May

My Watch if F, with Cabin Manager Saul Porter I'm working on Condor Vitesse for the rest of the season.
It was my first day on the ship with my crew for a sailing to St-Malo.
A fine sunny day, I took the bus to town to work and was working as a floater on the ship, which means I'm doing tasks as required and clean around.

I took time to get to know the crew I was working with and Aleks is also in my crew, after the long sailing to Guernsey and St-Malo (with an hour overtime) we both walked back home.

27 May

A sleeping day off after the first shift, especially thinking of everyone at the Berlin camp!

28 May

Pay Day today, at least it should arrive soon.
And the last day off before another series of shift, AM this time to Cherbourg. So It was best to take it calm, go to sleep early and prepare myself for the coming days... laundry especially.

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photo by: vixen2306