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Work finished early enough for me to go back home and relax before walking back to the bus station, everything went smooth: bus to London and then another bus right way to the airport, checking-in...

There was plenty of road traffc though, which made that the bus was a bit late but it was fine.

I went through Security at Stansted airport, which was crowded like hell and they watched my bag and open it and so... that was a bit hell and when I left I forgot my sweater at the security desk! Crap, I only noticed when I sat on the plane... too late :S
This was the end of my life with my hoody System of a Down sweater... it was such a comfortable one to be on the road though! Damn!

The flight left (Ryanair) by 15h30 and hop we were in the air to arrive about an hour later at the sunny Frankfurt Hahn airport. I went through immigration and the officer didn't seem to like my passport system of avoiding having it stamped everywhere and asked me about it.. but I answered and it was anyway end of the story. I went out and I felt a refreshing dry sunny air to be away and in a different place. It was a sort of smily enthousiastic feeling, holiday, travelling... that feeling is addicting and impossible to explain.

That even if it was nothing special as a journey... it was just different than the routine, that's it.
I couldn't see Floh but I went to wait outside and then immediately bumped into Volker (HC: karlwili) that was also waiting for Floh. That was great and we discussed as we had not seen each other in months.

When Floh arrived, he greeted us and we got into the car enjoying the landscape and stopping at some sight just before Traben-Trarbach and the Valley of the Moselle. Joyful view on the relief of the valley with the wineyard!

We brought our things at Floh and met with his parents, later on we moved onto a café in tiny Traben. But that was a bit too much for me, I was tired (I had just did a long journey and had work overnight) and then at the next cafe, to make it worst it was all smoky. That just annoys me, I was so tired and nothing seemed to be plan and well in such condition, I feel like people just do it to be masochist or basically pissing me off. I simply couldn't understand the lack of consideration regarding my condition (tired, non smoker!) which ends up being a huge steps into impoliteness and then I behave as such in return.

Finally we did go to sleep though! But not long enough as I was awoken early.
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photo by: vvicy1