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November 12

I arrived late at Tijs with Maikel we talked for a while before he left back and the time was being to go to sleep in his appartment of Scheveningen. So I prepared myself my mattress and the sleeping time was welcome after the previous week end where I was pretty hang over in the morning but also in great cosy feelings!

The hitch-hiking was hard for that reason, that I still felt the beer then!
November 13

I woke up late and went to meet tijs in town in the afternoon, we talked and did an improved city tour until we reached Jeroen's place where we had a meal, a pretty good vegetarian meal.  After it, Tijs needed to leave to his driving class and I used the Internet in the meantime by the evening before I got ready to leave with the bike back to Scheveningen.

  Until I noticed I forgot my camera and cycle back to get it and Tijs was back and we talked some more while having for once a pretty tasty pils. Jeroen arrived and finally the talk went on until I finally left with the bike down to the beach where I cycled on the dune by night and the harbour before reaching Scheveningen again.
I got lost and it took me a while to find a passage to cross the harbour but I enjoyed the view and the calmness of the area by night.

We mostly talked about the deception I have towards my nikon d50 camera, who do not do great photos and to which the focus seems crap. Gosh I hate it!

I manage to make the computer works and use the Internet at Tijs and well did so until pretty late to update my blog!
November 14

Since I went to sleep, well on early morning.

Sunset view on the eastern part of the city
I did not wake up before mid-day and therefore did not get pretty active. Shame on me there was gone my hope and wish to cycle the southern part of the dune and Scheveningen in the direction of Hoek van Holland. It was also slightly rainy most of the day but well, I did only cycle in Scheveningen at dusk and got all wet finally as the rain start falling pretty hard, stopped for frieten and went back to relax at the appartment.

Stephane, Tijs flatmates arrived, and we shortly talk as I had seem him as well last year. Jeroen arrived as well before Tijs did and started preparing a couscous meal. We ate and late on they went to rent a movie which was pretty good (The constant gardener). After all, I went to sleep more early than the previous night.
November 15

I woke early at the same time than everybody, and packed my things and used the Internet by morning before going away by mid-day to hitch-hike in direction of Arnhem to stay at Ernest in Overbetuwe (Randwijk).

A sunset view on the east of Den Haag

Today though the public transport were on strike so I needed to walk from Scheveningen to Den Haag and did so but while pulling my thumb up as well a car brought me to the train station. It was a great and pleasantly warm sunny day but damn that the wind started to blow hard... that made it more fresh.
I managed to find some cardboard to write Arnhem and stood at the official Liftplaats designated by the authorities (the nice thing in the Netherlands... there is official hitch-hiking place along the road with appropriate signalisation). But actually the spot was rather shitty. It took long before a car stopped of young guys in a VW Van and hopefully for me they brought me all the way after the hitch-hiker hell city of Utrecht. From a tank station I did get another ride immediately to Ede, but the guy left me on the wrong side of the city thus I had to walk it all to be on the way of Wageningen.

Me at Jeroen's place

The good thing though is that I managed to stop at the supermarket to buy some dutch things I want on my bag while travelling: Mayonnaise and ketchup in tube; peanut butter and stroopwafels.
Now I needed to reach Wageningen and catch the ferry to the southern part of the Rhine... though it was 6km and it was dusk now!

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Sunset view on the eastern part of…
Sunset view on the eastern part o…
A sunset view on the east of Den H…
A sunset view on the east of Den …
Me at Jeroens place
Me at Jeroen's place
Overview of Den Haag Station area
Overview of Den Haag Station area
Station park view, autumn is there!
Station park view, autumn is there!
Streets working beneath Sea level
Streets working beneath Sea level
The Hague
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