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A view on Poole Bay from Evening Hill
June 28

Back on the ship, wish some new shift energy. But this didn't stand long as the sailing quite killed me. Just before we arrived in Guernsey I got sick and the waves were above 3m amplitude which I couldn't take anymore as everything was shaking.

It was really a shitty day for me and a stormy one at see. The morning crew had even left us all their sick bag onboard which we needed to take off... Sick waste crap about 21 garbage bags we had!
And I'm on a floating position (as most of the time).

June 29

Another shook day but it went, I didn't get sick but of course I wasn't entirely well.
On the way back home it was pissing rain so I was really soaked when I arrived home with my bicycle. Luckely these seaman uniform are meant to dry quickly!

June 30

Such a crap long day, it was as bad as the previous days and it made me white and pale as a ghost so at some point it was difficult to keep on working.
A view on Poole and Poole Harbour from Evening Hill

Of course which such sea condition the ship arrives late too, so the sleeping hours are pretty short.
July 1

The worst day of the shift actually, stormy conditions. Brittany Ferries cancelled their crossing but not us so we were the only damn crew to actually go at sea. Weymouth had cancelled too.

For the first time of the season, it was a full double lashing of all the cars on the car deck. Which means I had to be on Cat3 car deck duty as it was needed. And to make sure everything would be evil, the ship was full! Because of the weather condition we would only sail to Jersey and back and not to France. Still it is 3 hours away on good condition...

What does those passenger thinks on still trying and rushing into a ship (the only one sailing) in such weather condition that they will all be sick.
View on Poole Bay from Evening Hill

Some stories about this sailing implied people that reached Jersey, leaving the ship swearing they would never get on a ship anymore!! They just arrived on a island with their car! Good luck with that!
So as you can imagine it was a really unpleasant crossing, the majority of the passenger were sick. And all crew were more on sick cleaning duty than anything else actually.
I was not feeling well but could work... at least at first.
When we arrived neary Jersey, we had to rush downstairs to unlash the car, with the advice on taking car in case the cars start moving (and also to not put our hands under them as the suspension would be moving and could squeeze our fingers or hands).

So basically you approached the wheel of the car and tried to remove the strap quickly as possible according to the motion of the sea.
Condor Vitesse passing by the Chain Ferry of Sandbanks
When I reached down onto the car deck, it was quite hell: Car Alarm where on and all the cars (strapped and lashed) where 'dancing' up and down side by side to the full extension of their suspension.
I immediately started to work on it, but I lost my mark when I bent down to work on a car and stood up too quick. The motion of the sea made my head spin and turn and I felt it come: grabbed quickly a bag and it was done of me.
I tried to get back together but all I could see around were moving cars in an enclosed area, so it took me a few minutes to recover. Then I had to rush back into continuing my job and unload the cars... then of course load them back, lashed them and I went upstairs.

After 4 days of nearly eating nothing since I would have felt sick, or having been sick, I had no energy left and couldn't work anymore it was a bit overwhelming to me.
Condor Vitesse Entering Poole Bay, welcome home

At least nobody bothered having 'lost me' as a labour hand for the way back.

Back in Poole, I was feeling better but I was so tired and energyless that I sat at the terminal and relaxed there for about an hour matter to get my mind back together. So I wasn't back home before really late at night.

July 2

A day off, but with the previous shift, there is no way I could be active today and considering the ship arrived really late in the middle of the night. I was wasted and slept all day

July 3

I had the energy at least to move around but it consisted more of doing my grocery, so I ended up at Lidl and Tesco. I also stopped by at the old flat to look over but they had changed the lock so I couldn't enter, I did get the mail though and went back to relax home on this grey annoying day.
My working ship, Condor Vitesse in Poole Bay

Tomorrow was back on the ship really early, so I did my laundry and went to sleep.

July 4

Back on Car Deck duty, and I was already forgetting things about the job. Dammit.
So I wasn't the most efficient about it and the Bosun is losing nerve by the mistakes I do and the comments I then receive regarding them... not to add that I'm so bad at doing knots that someone else has to do them for me instead but everyone always simply watch me struggling on trying to secure them.

It was also hell during the sailing, I got sick again. Then my energy was gone as I was dazed and confused.

Back in Poole, I stopped at the Chemist on High Street to get some advice on Sea-sick pills. It is a bit enough now on trying to 'let it get accustumed' so I need something about it. Then I simply slept when I arrived home immediately on the couch.

July 5

I took the pills today but maybe a bit too late for the sailing. I didn't get sick but did get a bit white. At least sailing to Cherbourg in the morning is a short sailing day and it is more calm with the number of passenger. My afternoon was calm again.

July 6

Work was cancelled today... by that I mean sailing!
I showed up early at the harbour, as usual, and everyone was there... but the ship wasn't. We went to Asda to kill time and then waited at the terminal, sleeping a bit until it finally arrived but after 9am.

Yesterday was another rough day and luckely we were doing only the morning. But for the afternoon crew, the weather got so bad that the ship didn't sail further after Guernsey and all crew and passenger spent the night on the ship.

So we were not off of work though, we needed to do the maintenance on the ship instead but that last a few hours. I'm happy not sailing though.

July 7

Last day at least of a little shift, it went fast and I did do some more clumsy mistakes. It pisses me off that it never goes perfect for a day at least, when I think or when it seems it will there is always sometimes happening that kills my motivation.

They sent me to put a man in his wheelchair into his car... I had absolutely no power to lift his weight! So that was a real pain and a shitty moment as I had then to put him back in his chair to not drop him and nobody to help around. I was like, why the fuck does such tasks come back to me. The only person I saw for help at my sight was Martin, the Bosun whom I called and took my place. But of course it probably pisses him off that he actually have to do tasks that a cat3 is suppose to do. At some point, I was thinking I shouldnt really doing this tasks much anymore (actually I havent been put on Cat3 tasks much anymore for the rest of the season).

The ship was early as it went full speed and the sea was calm. So I went home and relaxed by the sun before falling asleep by late afternoon (which such working hours, it always happen) although you then wake up during the night.

July 8

Having been up during the night, I get into a bad rythm and slept during the day instead so I missed most of the sunny day... ohh crap!

July 9

Hmm another lazy day at home.

July 10

And hop, another shift is starting. I made it on time and the sailing was calm and nice... finally! Although it was enough for some passenger to be sick. Bweeuuh. But anyway, I'm able to clean them up.

We arrived back on time, so not too late and I worked a bit on my computer to sort things out. The frustrating thing is that I received a letter from the bank that they want to charge me 30 pounds for having been overdraft at the beginning of account history.

July 11

I talked with Tracey and will manage to get my duty free sold, so I was stuck with too much of it anyway. I also sorted out everything for my departure back to Canada linked with my days off work talking with the office and then talking with home... even calling my brother.

Calm sailing day.
July 12

More crowded at work, with some clash with other employees... which makes me in a bad mood, one of those that you better not cross my path. This is just bringing a shitty atmosphere at work where people find each other incompetent or in a british way, interfer with each others lifestyle... that is what buggers me the most.
July 13

Last day, nearly full. And the end of another floating shift!
July 14

Lazy day cleaning the house
July 15

Another day I didn't go out and finally tried to sleep before going to work. I was about to do Seaman night maintenance on the ship... I also spent hours trying to repair my bicycle which had a flat tire. I finally failed and cycled with the flat.
July 16

Another night shift with lots of cleaning and a few repair on the ship. During the day, I had to hurry to solve some things. First to get my bicycle repaired and to go to the bank, they finally agreed and void the 30 pounds fees so that I won't have to pay it, that's a great service!

Then, I finally stopped at Asda to do my grocery before coming back to work on the computer.
I had to cycle to work under the rain, but at least now, my bicycle was fine.
July 17

Another night shift all well as usual, I worked with an older Seaman. The great things is that he works more according to the life benefits of not getting into a rush and taking a break when its time to take one, so not pushy nor overwhelmed with the work. I enjoyed that strong wisdom competence approach toward the work, compare to the younger colleague that I worked with that gives strong orders and push 'n rush that something is not done.

With him it was more we do as we can as not everything can be done... that is experience, obviously!

During the day, I had to sort other things and also went to buy a bag for the trip to Germany of the week end! I just got a tiny cheap bag at a bag store... one at 6 pounds, that I obviously won't keep as it is quite bad quality.

July 18

Quiet day, slept much and finally did the last working night.
The ship was on time, so we could work at a decent rythm. I mainly did the window with my working companion and then cleaned the messroom.

Then tomorrow I fly to Germany! A nice welcome changed :)
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A view on Poole Bay from Evening H…
A view on Poole Bay from Evening …
A view on Poole and Poole Harbour …
A view on Poole and Poole Harbour…
View on Poole Bay from Evening Hill
View on Poole Bay from Evening Hill
Condor Vitesse passing by the Chai…
Condor Vitesse passing by the Cha…
Condor Vitesse Entering Poole Bay,…
Condor Vitesse Entering Poole Bay…
My working ship, Condor Vitesse in…
My working ship, Condor Vitesse i…
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