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June 17

From yesterday, I work on the cafeteria for this shift, we also have new crew that came aboard and a new cabin manager (we swapped from time to time between 2 managers).
It was rough working with the food supervisor at the cafeteria,... he quite show low respect and it's hard to take after a while.

Today was another long day at my position, I worked with Oli again, that is cool and I get along with him pretty well. We bought ourselves loads of sweets and were eating this behind the counter when it was calm. Anyhow we had fun.

It was also a tough working day as we lacked nearly everything to serve... so people complained.

June 18

A third bloody day, it went more fine with the supervisor at last when you manage to catch up with his word and deal with it. Eventhough he is quite rude.

Luckely it was more calm today, and the sailing went fine... so more sweets for us.
The bad thing is that it was rolling on the way to Guernsey which I wasn't copping pretty well with, but I finally managed after all... looking forward for it to stop.
One extra hour overtime work today.

June 19

A fully calm last sailing day, I wish they were all like this, no rush not bad thing no stress... and therefore no lost of nerve towards anybody.

June 20

A sleeping day recuperating from the previous working days and trying to get a rythm for the next one... a night shift!
So I slept and tried to be up by night.

June 21

I work tonight so...
Anyhow it worked, I slept part of the day as needed then prepared to go to work and to the harbour for midnight.

I was starting something new so I had to learn it... it was mainly maintenance with some seamanship. Though it was fine and easy.
The night is more calm and relaxed as there is nobody to bother you, you go by yourself as long as the task is being done. I liked it.
The first one was tiring, though it went quick!

June 22

Second night, today some outside windows cleaning as it rained last night that wasn't required.
I liked being on the roof of the ship looking at the calm harbour and its dark surrounding. I felt amazed.
We also took the rescue boat out by dawn and I had to practice with it (as part of my seaman training)... another experience, which I wasn't totally newbie though... to deal with boat and the engine, but a 25force on a inflatable boat is something!

June 23

A new colleague today for the night which started an hour later as the ship wasn't there.
Another play with the firehose to clean the deck, things goes as a routine and it is easy as I get to know how things are dealt with and where to get them. It also helps to get to know the ship pretty well. I went to the Engine room for the first time ... most likely a rare thing for anybody besides the engineer.

I feel more happy with the tasks as I know them, I was ok though its still work Eh!

June 24

Slept roughly most of the day and worked on the  computer early but then I prepared slowly to go to work, I called the harbour today to know when the ship was about to come and they called me back that it wouldnt be there before 4.20 AM.
A short 2h working, paid as a normal day!

So I couldnt really sleep again, I just killed time in the meantime.
June 25

The short working hours went quick and in a higher rush. I was proud at myself as I knew the tasks and jumped on them immediately. It was all better and I could do without being told, I went an hour earlier anyway as I had nothing to do and I could prepare the dock then.

Then I waited for the exhausted crew to come off.

Ahh early morning, and loads of sandwiches later, it was a short working night.
It was not too bad today weatherwise but later by the afternoon it really rained like, I didnt bother and slept then having a lazy day which I used to reply to my email and worked on some paper.

I also thought about planning my coming days off better so that I could do something and visit around and try to meet with people then. Though this is still hard to do in advance.

I felt asleep by the end of the afternoon instead of just a nap and woke up later by late night.

I must say that in the last days, cycling by Poole harbour at 6am - dawn is an amazing experience!
It's nice to see sunrise with the calm sea and boat ... its a nice landscape!

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photo by: vixen2306