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February 9

We left with the bus to London at about 17h and arrived in Hammersmith later on to go to Dana (HC: mrsnice) where we would stay for the week end. Later on we tried to walk to the party venue, in a pub in Hammersmith, but we got lost and it take ages before we managed to find the place.

It was Stefano's birthday party (HC: sty79) and mostly everyone from the local community was there. It was great to see some known faces again and meeting new ones as well.
The aprty went on for a while, some talks, some drink etc... until closing. Floh got drunk and entered the process of high and low mood... and there was some german girls that were quite sweet... at first.

Later on, we moved to another pub that would be open but some people also left to other places or back home so the crowd dimished. But things got nasty but still cool for a while, until we entered the process of hanging in the streets not able to make a decision of where to go. The german girls got loud and shameless, stealing carrots from night shop outdoor vegetable stand. In a city like London that is overpacked with CCTV. Dumb!

Floh got the bad idea to invite them all at Dana.. What could I do, I was not drunk enough to not realise it was a shitty idea, but I was also simply there with Floh and didn't know Dana although its me who had the keys. I could hardly say something in such situation. Basically I was in a shitty dilemma.

It ended up that floh, the german girls and Dave (HC: davesouthlondon) came over to drink and flirt together. They woke up Dana's flatmate (she lives in a sort of commune where ther is nearly 20 persons living) and smoke inside, which wasn't permitted. After a while, I had enough and since they were all drunk, they were acting like drunk... not taking any responsabilities. I went to sleep... in the meantime they had sex over the place, obviously woke up people, who weren't too happy.
February 10

A stupid walking up after the shitty situation of the previous night. I managed to take a shower at least. Dana asked for the key back and we all leaved the flat together. Dana was meeting with friends and we walked all morning in the surrounding of Hammersmith and the other borough. They weren't really talking to us as she was with latvian friends. But in the meantime I was tipping floh about the previous night behaviour, he didn't remember any of it. I made him a bit unease I suppose, but I had to tell the situation has Dana's flatmate were quite outrage by the morning and Dana not happy about it either. It was annoying for me as it was the first time I ever met her.

We finally split and went our own way downtown and later on took the tube to go to Dave (HC: davesouthlondon) for the night. Since we weren't really welcome for tonight at Dana's place. Floh was fully ashame and irritated about it. I was ashame as well, since I knew it it was written in huge neon letter the whole previous evening. But had no power to stop it.

At Dave, we simply relaxed and finally went for a drink in a pub before coming back and lie in front of the TV. Later on the german girls came back with trying to boost to go to a disco. Hell no way I would do that!
The guys did go though, I found that pretty stupid and anyway didn't like the attitude of those girls as well, so immature.
Anyway, I felt asleep in front of the TV watching: League of Gentleman.
February 11

I woke up by 7am, went to get floh who was sleeping in the kitchen with one of the girl to leave as we needed to go meet Dana to get our things back at around 9am.
After this and strong apologies for the negative events, we kept on wandering in the streets, going in direction of Nothing Hill and Hammersmith and finally reaching Regents Park.

Later on, Chang (HC: trueflux) rang us to invite us to his place for a wine 'n dine with Ricardo (HC: ricardozf) and Yatin (HC: yrajput). We thought about it and needed to go to East End to reach his place. We did anyway, but first it was important that we get to the Internet to book our bus ticket back to Poole for tonight.
Floh did that while we went to get some things from the Lidl.
Then we had a cheerful evening, talking and having some meal and wine. It was great.
After few hours there, we needed to hurry to get to Victoria Station to catch our night bus back to Poole.
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photo by: ulysses