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The 3-legged cat

Liis (HC - inbetween)


August 24

So I left Tallinn by late morning and got into the bus with Bianka (hc:flowerpower) advice and did the ride to the hitch-hiking spot, which was after the airport in direction of Tartu. There is was already funny as there was more people doing HH as well. so I walked further along the road at the exit of the city where an ark welcome the people to Tallinn by telling the hours and their speeds. I waited quite a longer time, about an hour, which was not too bad but not best either for a country having the reputation of being an easy hitch-hiker land.

It took a while but I got my ride all the way to Tartu, crossing the no man's land in between with a british guy working in Tartu and getting someone at the airport. She had also travelled to Canada for long and the discussion and laugh went quite on, it was a cool ride especially with all the attempt to over pass slow cars and trucks along the tiny 2-lanes highway.

Once in Tartu, We arrived through some muddy road surrounded by wooden building which were pretty cool and they left me in the center of the town which has a wonderful architecture. I finally found the zum-zum cafe where Liis sometimes work but none manage to contact her, so I walked further until I got into the park along the river and started to eat my estonian danish bread awaiting the meeting point I had with her a few hours later.
Lying on the grass against my bag, I suddenly see a girl approaching me and asking are you Canadian. It appeared she was too, from Montreal and just back from a 2 weeks voluntary camp in Tallinn and now travelling a little before leaving again. We finally hanged around and went downtown to a terrass where they didnt serve us but it was no matter as the time to walk to the bus station to meet Liis arrived. So I invited Marie-France to join us for the evening and she did. So we joined Liis, walked to her place to drop my bag and have some tea before leaving back in the evening downtown and stop by the internet where we made Marie-France a HC member (HC=mariefr).

As we talked we also decided to do a part of the road together and as she was planning to leave pretty early the next morning to catch the bus to Riga around 6ham. I just said cool, sure I join too.  Liis managed to contact some members in Riga who would host us and we got a shelter for both again on last minute notice! We went out for a drink but still didnt hang out late as Marie-France and I would have to meet up at about 6am at the bus station. So by 11hpm I was already back with Liis at her place, packing my bag and putting it next to the door, cheering at the 3-legged cat and getting some sleep.
August 25

I woke up pretty much on time, shortly prepared and took the sandwich Liis prepared and by 5h45 I was away walking to the station with the tomatoes and cucumber Liis gave us for the road. I arrived on time and Marie-France did as well not long after. We waited as the first bus arrived and was dumbly a mini-bus, but with the number of people awaiting it looked obvious they couldnt all get in and so we didnt. There was another bus 30 min later which arrived and we rushed into it for the same price. We took place and the ride went all great, crossing the border we noticed there was another canadian on the bus (probably with the huge group of german people that was attempting to board the mini-bus too). One funny thing is a young family that had forgot their passport and called someone to have them brough to the border... we understood his stress and so when we asw him walking out the bus to cheers at the guy who was waiting and handling him the passport.

But there was also some France people with whom Marie had worked at the voluntary camp, so she could talk with them. Once arrived in Riga we sticked with them and as I was the only one who had been to Riga we walked a bit to go have lunch and went to the John Lemon. Hop we were in Riga

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The 3-legged cat
The 3-legged cat
photo by: polvandenwirre