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Floh's computer is not showing weird statistics... no
February 3

I woke up and took a shower and finally managed to find the way to put the heating on. Then I simply went for a walk in the neighbourhood and for some food hunting, where I did so at the local Coop and Iceland.

I bought some nice food things at the Iceland, but thats before I managed to walk the other direction and find the Lidl... where its usually cheaper. Bugger!

Then back home later, I looked to use the Internet but got stressed and amazed at first when I saw that Floh's laptop screen was broken. :S

February 4

It was a quiet day and for the first time in a long time, I cleaned up my bag as well as I did some cleaning in the flat. That was mostly my task of the day.

Later by the evening, Floh came back and we had a meal, drink and chat together.
Floh's not always mad ;)

He also invited me to stay as long as I want and so on.
I said I will think of it. And was thinking about later discussing more about this issue.
February 5

A new week is starting, Floh is back at his job tasks. I went out during the day to scout the area and walk in Branksome and to get lost a little. I came back later and talked with Florian.

February 6

Today I went to Poole downtown, I tried to spot some shop and searched for the Job Centre but never managed to find it before its closing time.
At least, I had a nice view of Poole... of course at this time of the year the sunset is still quite early in the late afternoon. So I went back home.

February 7

I spent the day sorting out my paper and looking at the place I should go and the place I should call. I tried few numbers but no answer. Shame, I gave up for today.

When Floh came back we had a meal and went out to Bournemouth (which is another main city just on the other end of the bus line.) where I met with a mexican (Adrian HC: adrianvargax) living and working in Bournemouth at the moment and Matt, a brit from the town who has his profile on CouchSurfing, for having some drinks at a local pub.

We came back late by taxi with Matt and stopped for a burger at a night snack in Branksome. Later Matt left again (only to hear later that he was too drunk and actually slept in the council room downstair hehe).
February 8

Ahhh the burger (vegetarian) of the previous night was really not such a good idea. My belly is turning and I don't feel well. So I went back to sleep and couldn't eat anything at all.

So not much happened.

I tried to call again for the National Insurance Number but was turned down, they gave me another number to call with other needed details. Waaahh I hate it!
It sound more and more as I won't manage to solve this and that procedure is so weird.

It's quite some bad news and pretty annoying after having tried to call several UK government agency... I might give up.

By the evening, we simply did our laundry and I finally got most of clothes cleaned up for the first time since Poland! Grocery at Lidl and a quiet evening.

Februay 9

I was lazy most of the day and on the Internet, I cleaned myself and was just on time to manage to get some of my clothes dry put them on and leave to catch the bus to go to Bournemouth bus station to catch the coach to London. Hopefully Floh was on the same bus than me, so I didnt have to look for him at the station.
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Flohs computer is not showing wei…
Floh's computer is not showing we…
Flohs not always mad ;)
Floh's not always mad ;)
photo by: vixen2306