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Great Views from Marie
Yep, I didn't make it to Tromsö. I had cancel my trip there for different reason, the first one being from a misunderstood with my potential Hospitality Club guest which revealed to be awaiting me one week later. Therefore I couldnt be planning to hang in the north still longer. The second has been that my cold clothes and feet at Nordkapp mixed with the extreme and fast range of temperature during the days and nights has given me a bad cold with fever. So I left Oksfjord to go to stay at Mari in Storslett. There I mostly relaxed for a whole 2 days and we got rain and it was still cold though but the several tea, good food and bed has obviously helped me to get rid of my illness faster...
August 12

Luckely also the first car from the Oksfjord crossroad stopped and it was actually a Czech guy living in Norway who helped me with few km into Troms at some villages by the coast at a tank station.
From Marie's house
Then I waited quite longer but still a norvegian guy took me from the staion to several km further on the way and we talked about his trip to the US and also Canada... it seems that everyone has something to say about Canada and especially the fisherman who seemed to have been to the east coast cities on the fishing journey by sea.

The place he left me was not really convincing for me as it was by a bus stop on a hill in the middle of nowhere but well, finally just by the time I crossed the street to join it pulling my thumb up, the first car which stopped. It revealed to be a french van with a architecture students from the Alps who jsut finished his studies and bought the van to travel. He was now heading to Tromso to pick up a friend so I had my lift all the way to Storslett.
Inland view
We discussed all the way and I promoted him HC as well all of it in french which was a long time somehow (except with Christian in Honningsvåg).

I reached Storslett and send an sms to Mari and wait... she only noticed the message an hour later so its been long before she came to pick me up and in the meantime I bumped into the villages idiot who started talking to me in bad norvegian-english not well complete nor pronounced and always coming towards me quite near... which was annoying and stressy. He even came back later with a paper note he got from someone with silly english question of how much cost things...

Mari at last arrived and saved me from him but still its been complicated to manage to leave the place. We went to her great place in the country side surrounded by mountains and forest.
First dusk in weeks
.. she actually is from Oslo but sold all her things and bought this property that she is now renovating (from the 19th century).

She was of great chat and we discussed in the living after having prepared a bed and cooking a good omelette. Talking about the house, the place and lots of things with some tea for my cold.
Later, we got to sleep and I took a hot bath to relax and kill the cold. The sleep was fluffy till later next morning!

August 13

August 13

I got the chance to sleep late and it was real comfortable and great... still when waking up it felt quite early enough to not have lost a day. I prepared myself and it was midday when I met with Mari who was doing some gardening and lumbering outside for the winter... The day was cloudy and the air felt indeed like the winter was slowly approaching which was scary.

We prepared to leave thinking it wouldnt really rain and while on the road in destination inland the rain felt hard with lightning, it was quite an amazing sight between all these stiff mountains. Finally, we drove back and went to the city along the coast instead and there it was not rainy anymore... good decision.

First thing we did was going to a café to enjoy a drink and a sandwich, a good veggie one for me with an orange juice which was great for my cold and my big block nose. Afterwhile we simply returned back home by the end of the afternoon and early evening and after the rain the chilly temperature came on as it was getting slightly cold and the dew was coming up creating a little foggy sight.
So we stayed outside by the garden relaxing and talking until it was too cold we got inside for some tea and warm drinks in the living room. The evening went on and we also noticed the first sunset of the yeasr when the sun hide behind a mountain for few a few hours which made it dark for the first time of the trip!!!

Anyway we prepared to go to sleep for me to have a good sleep and hope my dizzy cold was going away and that I would be fine for being on the road tomorrow.
August 14

I woke up early felt slightly better but still carrying the cold which I hoped would be ok anyway. Eating preparing and Mair drove me to Storslett where I stasrted my HH day at the service station to finally move further at the end of the city few hours later and freezing like hell... the temperature was about less than 8 degree so I got to wear all my clothes in and even gloves and my hat... the result my bag was lightly empty and still it was freezing.

Even at the other place by the marina no cars were stopping and the wind from the sea was too cold and strong. Few horus later I walked again along the way, and my luck has at last work further on when a car stop and picked me and would bring me all the way to the cross road to Finland.

On the way, its been enjoying the landscapes and great cliffs and glacier from the mountains around. Also several tunnel as it seem in the past there was avalanche who could come down and block the road that is narrowed between the cliff and the sea. After few hours drive I reached a warmer woody area along the E8 bringing me to Finland... buit it was already evening then and several hundreds to go...

It was just amazing how for the first time hh in Norway was hell, especially with the temperature and my cold who turned bad again.

lasersurge says:
illness while travelling is poo, hope you´re fighting fit again by now and im really really looking forward to hearing more and seeing some photos!
Posted on: Aug 19, 2006
Eric says:
I just met a bunch of people from Tromso on my trip through Eastern Europe! Supposed to be quite fun there, would be interested in hearing what you think.
Posted on: Aug 13, 2006
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Great Views from Marie
Great Views from Marie
From Maries house
From Marie's house
Inland view
Inland view
First dusk in weeks
First dusk in weeks
photo by: maplefanta