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May 14

The very first of the training days, so it was an early wake up. But luckely I had a lift with Davina's mother to Weymouth. So it saved me the expenses for the train, which are quite an hassle.

Everything went fine in this early mild morning drive, and the landscape of Dorset are just simply amazingly beautiful. So it was no worries to be up so early, it looked a bit like an adventure anyway. So I took it with enjoyment.

While approaching Weymouth I got a good view on the horse traced on the slope of the hill, its quite a nice middle age feature in the area, A white horse cut into the slope of the hill rock. I should try to get a picture of it later on if I come back in the area.

We arrived well on time and the class went on during the day. Today it was about Tourism and customer services, so actually not the most useful thing.
Rescue devices on a ship (not ours)
A bit too repetitive for me an my studies. But anyway, I'm paid.

It was also a wonderful sunny day and me and some others simply went to eat by the harbour after having gotten some goodies at Tesco.

On the way back though, we needed to take the bus. This was a long ride and I arrived home tired after an hour waiting in Weymouth and a long milk run bus ride in the country side. Well at least I enjoyed the view on Dorchester, Tollpuddle and all that area while talking with Davina and Aleks.

So then nothing in evening besides getting some sleep.

May 15

Back to Weymouth in the early morning with Davina's mother, I must say that Davina is quite a strange girl with a weird 'shyish but must have all the attention' behaviour. It looks a bit unstable to me, so conversation are not always nice or well I cut them short as it doesn't seem that I can lead any.

Anyhow, today we had a safety training day with First Aid and so. Everything went fine, but I felt annoyed with the talk about disease fracture and so... I just don't like blood nor stuff like that. So I was quite eager to get out at a certain point and think of something else.

Back on the bus again, this time with a huge bag containing our whole uniform. Enjoying the landscape from a double deck Wilt & Dorset bus with a transfer in Puddleton.

Another great sunny day too...

I'm quite more happy now with having something to do, I do not bother waking up and its quite all motivating to have something to look forward. We will see how long that feeling will last. Especially that lots of changes will happen by the end of the month.
Back home, I could show my uniform and try it.
Cliche in Weymouth Harbour
Of course with Eamon it was a high day, but there is also all those low days which sometimes is pretty annoying or when we have arguments. Personnally, I see that when things goes also more argueing with Floh it is because Eamonn is in between and carrie it around. I feel I had a great time with Floh and everything was going great, but with his german cultural stress over leaving the flat in good condition, it is sometimes rough to take and I don't understand where he can't see the logic of it. Mainly it's money that brings to some problems now between all three of us and since nobody will ever admit it but only talk about it to the other... it will not lead to some healthy relationship. So of course Eamonn comes to add that sort of pepper in the conversation. Anyway, what can I do now.

May 16

Davina had told that they couldn't pick me up so I woke up even more early to catch the train at 6am but she wasn't in it and wasn't either in Weymouth. She arrived on time with her mother... so she had been confused about it and had finally showed at my place. Weird.

So I arrived early enough to have time to kill and simply lie by the beach side and have a little nap on a bench. Today we trained about crowd control and we were back in Poole by the afternoon, on the ship itself for the fire fighting training.
Then at least I was not far away from home and only had to catch the bus.

Tomorrow morning we will be in Poole, so less early for me this time. So Aleks who lives in the countryside came to stay over for the night as it will be less of an hassle for him.
Studying time

So we ended up having some discussion about the company and other things and of course a drink (and fries) by the evening. Another occasion for Eamonn to drink late and for the whole bunch to cover the whole flat with smoke.
It seems I was the only one to give support to the idea that it was unfair that the Poole crew had to pay all their own transport expenses while the Weymouth Crew had access to company minibus for their mobility. And also that there is no way they would do a 5 minutes detour to bring us... which I found it quite a shitty selfish behaviour from them.

So since I was a bit pissed with that (I had to pay the train the previous day, which is 10 pounds!) and the smoke, and loud Eamonn, I went to sleep.

May 17

We got picked by Davina's parents and went into Poole for a training in the ship itself while it was ashore.
It was mainly simply some retailling practices.
So the day went fast.

May 18

Back in Weymouth by train quite bloody early, so basically I simply sleep on the train a bit while it goes and ends up in Weymouth anyway.

We were doing the survival training today and by the afternoon all caught the minibuses to the Marine Base in Poole for some live training with the Safety boat. Which I quite loved, being back in a pool, swimming and diving into the water. I was like a fish.

Some of the girl though freaked a bit (well Davina) with the training and the jumping thread from the high board with the equipment. But finally everyone managed to do it. And I did it fast so that I could enjoy the swimming pool a bit more. Water, my element!

Then I was nearly home (in Hammersmith) but had no lift, so its one of the captain who drove me home.
Cliche in Weymouth harbour from the training room
Quite great.

It was a relaxing evening altogether then. I had a day off tomorrow.
May 19

Day off, full of relaxing thread and grocery shopping.

May 20

Back on the ship in Poole, on a Sunday. There is no public transport and Davina never showed up to pick me nor answered my previous sms to tell if they were going to pick me up or not.

So as I had no idea and didn't take chance I started walking and finally ended up hitch-hiking to the harbour which I did within 3 cars and just on time.

The day went by with some more familiarisation in the ship itself and some more practical training.

Coming back home wasn't a problem, but no way to count on her so I just took the bus.

May 21

Day off, relaxed and nothing to do

May 22

Back to Weymouth, less early this time luckely.
So I could catch a later train but still lie on the beach for a while.

Today was basic: Food Hygiene, which went fast and well we finished earlier than normally so I sat down on the beach with a couple of the training colleagues and we talked. I tried to 'enroll' some people into HC/CS philosophy, but it doesn't seems to work at all.

It was another warm and sunny day, but there is no way I manage a tan anyway.
So I finally came back home with the train that I take normally (felt asleep in it though and ended up in Bournemouth before coming back).

May 23

The last day of training!
A short class by the morning in Weymouth followed by the Type rating by the afternoon with the captain that was examining us.

Everything went well and I was done by something like 2hpm, so I took some time to take some picture of Weymouth before going to the train station and get back home.
Weymouth Harbour cliche

Floh was gone to the Berlin camp and the fact that the day went fast was making me wonder if I should have hurried and I could have been there by the evening maybe. Then coming back by Saturday to be on the ship for my first full employment day on Sunday.

The idea pass through my mind for a while during the evening while it was still time. But finally I let it go and simply took it relaxed as we were about to have a guest for the night from CS, French living in Southampton.

He arrived later by bicycle and went to sleep early has he needed to catch a flight early by night. But Eamonn arrived later, drunk and obnoxious and was loud and wanted to watch TV and be careless, so then some it was better to not sleep and have some conversation. He only went back to sleep later finally.

That sort of behaviour pissed me off royally from Eamonn, especially that he always say that I'm not respectful with guests because I don't go out in town with them or drink with them! I don't need to babysit them!
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Rescue devices on a ship (not ours)
Rescue devices on a ship (not ours)
Cliche in Weymouth Harbour
Cliche in Weymouth Harbour
Studying time
Studying time
Cliche in Weymouth harbour from th…
Cliche in Weymouth harbour from t…
Weymouth Harbour cliche
Weymouth Harbour cliche
photo by: vickie-lou