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Arctic Circle

August 7

Leaving from Kuusamo driving with Laura and her father to Rovaniemi where I will start my HH journey to the north. I woke up pretty well in the morning in Kuusamo and prepared do some more stuff on the net and then with Laura I went to the Lidl to get some more grocery for the journey either for camping and for expensive Norway where I will try to spend as least possible. Laura's father had also prepare to give me a plastic blanket to eventually cover my new tent in case of rain to be sure to keep it waterproof. It was really great of him and he has been really all wonderful for all my stay. I wish I could have speak some finnish with him...

Then it was waiting for the mail... important to me as I had forget my towel in Oulu and it was being post and logically it was due today.

At Santa's Village
It arrive, packed the towel and get everything in the car to drive. My bag was more heavy with the tent and food.

The drive to Rovaniemi was 193km which we did in about a little more than 2h arriving by the end of noon time. We went directly to Santa's Arctic village to visit and there to cross officially the Arctic circle which is mark on the ground. I got a postcard to send to my parents there.

Took some pictures and visit around and got a pastry and warm choco from the Laura's father. After that it was the departure, they walked with me to along the road and there it was the farewell as they drove back and I started my lonely HH journey to the north. The temperature is grey and more chill but its ok with just long clothes, I wonder how it will be more North!

After a moment, I move further to a bus stop and continue HH there. It's been not that long before a car stop with a woman and a girl and they are going all the way to Inari! Great!

The ride was mostly silent, as they were listening to music or talking to each other. No matter, I enjoyed the view of the vast lakes and multipled trees and Reindeers on the way.
With 2 stops on the way, I reached Inari by the begin of the evening. Then I needed to pee and obviously to eat which I did before moving to the area of the Sami museum which was closing at 20h and it was pass 19h so I just looked at the lobby and went to the bus stop to continue my ride.

Problame problem, no cars... After a while, I get a ride for few km... in the middle of the forest surround by reindeer which I hope will help by making he car stops!
It takes another while with only few cars but one stops and it goes all the way to Karisganiemi!

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Arctic Circle
Arctic Circle
At Santas Village
At Santa's Village
photo by: santafeclau