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October 30

We stopped again at Mieke while she was there and ended up having lunch there, with some attempt of terror by her father Jos. Anyway, we moved back to Geert and Kathleen later on who were pretty much interested in our Boom Ball experience.

It was getting late and we didnt do much actually besides talking and enjoying MTV and listenning to Tool that Dylan was getting fully into since the concert in Leuven is approaching!
October 31

Happy B-day to me HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

The great thing that really touched me is that the first person who wished me happy birthday is Dylan. I'm used to not expect anything to happen on my birthday but I was really surprised when he actually gave me a gift too! I really so deeply appreciated it!

I received some wishes afterwards and of course my mother sent me a email card with lots of little drawing!

The day went on and I was so active and joyful as I felt that the day started pretty well (the only time in my life I enjoyed waking up on my birthday was to notice the surprise that Gil had prepare... she was so enthousiastic about it and I missed that). Dylan seemed pretty enthousiastic as well and it gave me a good morale! And it was Halloween, we needed to go scare people and do something spooky!

Geert offered us to rent some movies (scary movies at first) so we went to the video club and finally did rent one scary movie (Hostel... an horror movie about backpacker being kidnapped and charcuted, pretty fitting for us :) And the second one was simply a movie that we quote so many times while travelling along the road: Team America World Police!

I had contact Stan to try to meet him and he also came to Tienen so I could see him again and we went for a walk in Tienen and a drink in Stan at a cafe who had some halloween decoration, some sugar bets as pumpkin (Tienen for those who don't know it is the Belgian capital or Raw Sugar and live according to its sugar bets factory).

There was also a sort of Carnaval things and we walked into it to enjoy a crowd in a party mood and took some Jenever. It was looking promising and I was thinking we could still do something up for Halloween and party it over.
We passed back at Geert and Kathleen and took some cheap foamy kids tools and plastic guns and head to Leuven, hoping that the student city would be pretty active for that fest or at least the foreigner students.

Stan drove us there, and we walked downtown. Our first encounter was with the riot police! WHAT!!! They take these little monster seriously!
Then further more and more police.

Once downtown, we looked at some cafe and they seemed either empty or moodless, it looked like they were expecting some kind of party but the crowd was absent.
We finally didnt go to spend more money on alcohol and hang on the streets and try to make silly things with the things we had as disguise.
Mainly, nobody reacted... they simply either ignored us, didnt laugh or had a bad mood. Stupid belgian.
It was at least a relief when we managed to get a smile.

Later Gil surprisingly called me to wish me a Happy Birthday, I was surprised and I wasnt expecting news from her... and that brought into me the will to meet her again before I would leave!

So afterwhile, we had enough and simply walked to the station to catch the last train and black ride it to Tienen. We learned as well that there was actually an extreme right demonstration organised in Leuven! In Leuven! A socially mostly open city! Stupid Belgian!

Back in Tienen we got into watching the movies. Hostel! the actors were stupid and at first it wasn't too bad to think of them dying since they were pathetically cliche in their closed-mind travellers thought. By the way, in Amsterdam they speak Dutch not German... its not the same language!

A dutch business man doesn't not come from Austria either! Anyway, we noticed that the director had simply pictured its character according to him, no surprising since he was a blatant moron! Advice: don't watch the making of of Hostel!.

Team America: Laughing laughing!
November 1

So we had a long night watching the movies till early morning and we got up still by morning. The day went on and we were getting ready to leave again to Brussels, I still had the keys to Achim so I had to handle them to him before he left to Germany for the week end. We left just on time to catch a ride before dusk. And did with a man going to visit his daughter studying in Brussels. We were left in Forest, a suburb I had never been before and we took the metro until we saw a control agent in and walked the rest to Achim.

lasersurge says:
Wow, I'm so glad I could spend your birthday with you and that I could bring it a little specialness for you. I wonder where we'll both be on your birthday next year...
Posted on: Dec 01, 2006
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photo by: lasersurge