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A view of the Arch of Jubelpark with the tunnel
March 2

Not much has happened today.
It was a quite and lazy day and well, Achim is either worried or annoyed by that :S
I can understand that perfectly, I try to make myself appear the most polite fine as possible though and not disturb too much. I don't feel so good about such situation, as I don't want to be abusing of his confidence.

I didn't pay attention to my forum post too much, I had a nice reply from laroca whom I briefly saw last September. But for today it was too late to contact her I guess... I send her a email at least! I hope I can hear from her later on.

March 3

I went to do the grocery at Colruyt and it's mostly that. I bought a bottle of Porto to Achim, at least to have something in return cause he did welcome me greatly for such a long time and it's great company but it's still his place.
Making place for the EU
It didn't seems to make so much so I at least try to look busy and do something of my day (went to read in the room I have).

I did the grocery and went all the way downtown for shopping before coming back. At least now I got new clothes from H&M.

March 4

Another quiet day, a Sunday!
I simply went for a walk in Schaarbeek, even if the weather was sunny it was a little chill... later on, I cleaned a bit and went to sleep more early.

March 5

I slowly woke up and it's by the end of the afternoon that I was meeting with Pascal (HC: playschool) who was doing a train transfer in Brussels to return to Paris and had some hours to kill in town. So I went to join him and we took a fast walk in town before having a drink and some fries.
Making place for the EU
We mostly talked about HC, what is happening and the whole inside politics of the website... and the cause of the creation of BW. By 19h, he needed to catch his Thalys to Paris and then I walked back, stopping at Ingrid's job for most of the evening until she left of the office. Then I was back home.

A great day still!
March 6

It's rainy and quite a bad weather, so I wake and take my time. Today I'm going to Maastricht and if the weather don't get better I will do so by train. It doesn't so I finally hurry up to catch the train that will go to Limburg before it gets dark, because it's quite difficult to reach Maastricht on the other side of the border with the train. The easiest is to reach the nearest belgian city by train, either hitch-hike or look if there is any buses.

I manage to catch several train to Leuven, Hasselt and then Tongeren. It's still daylight for a moment and not raining. So I walk out of town and stopped at the Lidl to get some goods (food will be cheaper here than in the Netherlands ;)
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A view of the Arch of Jubelpark wi…
A view of the Arch of Jubelpark w…
Making place for the EU
Making place for the EU
Making place for the EU
Making place for the EU
Making place for the EU - building…
Making place for the EU - buildin…
photo by: Vlindeke