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February 21

At least, I managed to reach the metro station Heysel before the last metro left. So I wait a bit shocked of my previous adventure. It was actually the first time ever in all my travelling experience that such thing happened... even if actually nothing happened. But just the thought of it was annoying me.

I arrived at Achim by the middle of the night, we talked a little and went to sleep late, since I did arrive late. Achim live in Etterbeek by Jubelpark by the way.

I woke up pretty later then, and spent some time to clean up my bag, make some phone call, cleaned my wallet from Pounds to Euros and then went out for a short walk and to get bread.

Then later on when I arrived back, I realised that I didn't find my UK sim card. Shit shit shit. I had 13 pounds on it and just got it.
Dammit, I looked everywhere. Achim did as well.
Now I was wondering where it was and being annoyed of that.

Achim revealed really helpful, keeping a good mind on the situation. He tried to do something and help but I was already giving up.

Then later, I simply spent time trying to arrange my computer. There is lots of update to do for the last months and windows need to be up to date, files to clean and so on. I also had programs that weren't working anymore (windows defender, explorer...).

I received news that Daniella is in Belgium! Wonderful, we shall meet. She is Gent!
February 22

I went out to the grocery and get some credits on my belgian mobile. Then I managed to make Internet work properly so I could work with it for a while. It also helped me to fix most of the programs and brought explorer back to version 6.

Lots of other things does run better on my lap top at last and it seems to go a little faster too. Yess!

By the evening, I chat a little and fix things in HC and BW and later talked with Achim while cooking a little.
I didn't get news from Daniella, although I sent an sms.

I also wrote a forum post in HC to meet with people and planning some gathering. Would be great.
February 23

I've a reply from Daniella, so we can meet by midday in Brussels. I take my time as her train is suppose to arrive by noon. But I forgot to adjust my clock and I'm still in UK time... silly me, I'm one hour behind :S

Then I grab the sandwich I was preparing and hurry to the metro station to get to Centraal Station to meet her in the lobby hall.
It was a grey day but still fine and warm enough, obviously not winter. We walked around town, in the old district, Begijnhof and Beurs before heading to 'Little Kinshasa' (Matonge) as I call the place where the African minority gather in Brussels. We stopped there for a beer and talking and showing pictures of the last time in Prague. It was a great time, absolutely and with such a sweet girl.
I had a lot of fun.

Then I walked her back to the station by the evening so that she would go back to Gent. Said goodbye until we see again in a later time, maybe by summer.

So I walked back home to cook something talking with Achim before watching Harry Potter. My computer finally started crashing quite badly again. So I will have to look at it again later :(. It seems my wireless Internet always makes it crash... if its not that, it simply get off suddenly like if electricity would cut.
February 24

Nothing really special during the day, so it's only later during the evening that I walked downtown to go to a tapas party at Willem (HC: Gregoire). I went to get some olives and cooked some fried egg-plant and went there. It was great lots of people were there, including Frank and Claudia (HC: thorgal67 - claudiaab) and Dylan (HC: lasersurge).

So I could talk, eat 'n drink and have a great evening.
After the tapas time, we went out in a bar near Ste-Catherine having drinks with the few people who stayed (including Achim, Onur, some girls...). Dylan managed to play his charm within 30 seconds with a dutch girl visiting Brussels ;)

Then I simply went back with him in the early morning with the first morning metro.

February 25

With the previous night out, no energy for today. Quite wasted! I didn't even manage to go to Ingrid's party...

February 26

I went for a walk downtown after having met with Ingrid (HC: floki) at Goethe, it was a great surprise to visit her. She got a new computer now so she can get in touch with ppl more easily.

We talked a bit about everything, her trip to Sri Lanka that she did a month before. But also about the whole HC current case.
Then I simply continued downtown before the shops closed, and called Mathilde (HC: mathilded) but only got an answer from her on my way back. So we aggreed to meet after 9pm at Place Jourdan. Which would also be a good occasion to spot some good place for a meeting.

We met there around a beer and some fries at a local cafe, it seemed pretty much of a good place. So we agreed on trying to have a meeting there for beginning of March.
February 27

Today I'm leaving to Leuven, It was a bit rainy so I had to wait a part of the day. Then later, I simply went to the entrance of the tunnel at the Jubelpark with a sign ad stood there a bit longer than last time but it was fairly ok. Then not too long later I was in Leuven downtown and simply walked to meet with Stan at Parkpoort.
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photo by: Vlindeke