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Hamburg train station
November 19

The wake up in Munster was early and it was rainy. Beeuuuu
One rare day I was going to hitch-hike under the rain. At least it was a light rain.

After a breakfast and some threat I left the city and said bye to my great hosts there. I had to walk a lot to get out of town, but I had the motivation to and it was a calm Sunday without too much life. Pretty calm!

I walked out of town until I arrived at a point and I noticed 2 other backpackers, as I approached a car stopped and they were away. So Ok I start from here. It didnt take long either before a car stop with 2 girls not really speaking anything else than german and actually they weren't really going my direction so they simply left me out of town a bit further. Seems to have been a big misunderstanding and I didnt know if I was still on the good way.
Hamburg train station by nightfall
I reached another crosspoint and hitch-hike there but I wasn't confident about it and when a car stopped, while I was walking along the way, just to like laugh at me by leaving when I reached the level of the car? I was like? Don't they have better thing to do, especially as I wasn't lifting my thumb anymore but just walking along the road until the next crossroad. The guy even wasted his time to turn over and pass next to me again.

At the next crossroad, which was the last one before the highway, I made the mistake of thinking of reaching the 'rasthof service station' instead of standing there. But where was it and in which direction.
I thought if I reach the highway I might see it and just need to walk towards it... wrong. Then I decided to try one direction.
View of Hamburg over the little lake
.. crossing a forest and walking along the country road parallel of the highway. I was already being wet by the rain and even more by walking in the wet grass. I finally needed to walk the several km I did crossing a forest back to my starting point before a car took me to a rasthof finally. Being all wet.

So I stood there and dawn was approaching and I was getting cold. Trying to ask some driver who either weren't eager to take me and like saying stupid excuse like I go to Bremen not Hamburg, or simply ignoring me and not even leaving me the chance to finish my sentence before walking away, as an old woman did.

Luckily, its a couple who took me over and drove all the way to Hamburg and finally left me at a U-bahn station and by early evening I was at Julia who would be my host for the coming days (HC:chulieta).
Hamburg cliche

I unpacked everything to make it dry, we relaxed and watched L'auberge espagnole. I had lots of laugh and memories with that movie.
It was a great evening and later on we went to sleep.
November 20

I woke up by the morning and Julia was leaving to university most of the day. In the meantime I used the Internet, washed my clothes and waited for my shoes to dry...
Its later by the afternoon that I met Julia just outside on the street after that I had left in the cold grey day of Hamburg and we settled for a walk in the old city and the harbour area for the coming hours of the early dusk.

We did see some really great corner of Hamburg that has still some historic surviving remains and some other great re-builded corner by the canals.
Along the Lake

It was quite more late when we were back and it was a nice walk with the christmas lights and feelings in the air.

We prepared something to eat and relaxed before heading back out to meet with Simon (HC:simon-brinkrolf) and Matthias (HC:globetrotter_tt) at a bar on the border with St-Pauli area. It was a great atmosphere and great evening. I had contacted them to meet up as both are active volunteer on hospitality club and they were really open and the conversation just flow easily! All positive vibe.
We drank few pint and then head back with the U-bahn, where I finished cleaning my bag as well and re-packed before getting to sleep.
November 21

An average day, the sun was there though. I woke up and took it lazy contacting future host as I wouldnt have access to the net once in Lubeck. Its later by the afternoon that I left to go outside before dark, and enjoyed a short view of the city, the train station and the area surrounding the lake.

I was going to meet Simon again and eat at their place. Which I did by a long walk to arrive there at the meeting time. I met with his flatmate first and then we started to prepare dinner after his arrival.

We were intending to go to assist at a local SERVAS meeting in town later on. Servas is an organisation alike HC, basically it is the source of HC's philosophy created back on the 50's but still paper-based.
I rode there by bike with Matthias and we get on and discuss all evening with the few older member that were there.
It was cool and we had a great evening as well. I took the card of Servas... I might be interested for my later time when I will have my place and so.

I ended up back at Simon, but it was late so I simply had a drink and left with the friend of one of his flatmate back home to talk with Julia and prepare for my departure to Lubeck the next day.
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Hamburg train station
Hamburg train station
Hamburg train station by nightfall
Hamburg train station by nightfall
View of Hamburg over the little la…
View of Hamburg over the little l…
Hamburg cliche
Hamburg cliche
Along the Lake
Along the Lake
photo by: Petitsing