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HO HO HO Marcus... Christmas feeling is in the air

Started Great, met lots of cool people lots of party and stayed really cool, even though energy dropped I got sick, my jaw swollen, needed to go to the embassy the doctor open a travel insurance file... Now I have little pills which I hope will solve the problem and allow me to at last eat something solid for the first time of the week!

needed to renew my travel insurance and canadian are not allowed to be insure for more than a year abroad, great great shitty country!

At least we got the first snow of the year :)

So basically all my countryside travel plan failed and I was in bed for a week, now how do I reach Poland back with the shortest daylight of the year, rain and snow, 700km and no buses or train possibility mmm with only one potential stop.

We've got snow here it is a dawn!
Matter of Luck matter of luck

December 8

Waking up and getting ready to leave was more hard than planned, still by late morning I was on the road and when I reached the hitch-hiking spot there was a queue, 6 persons were waiting to hitch-hike... mmm

I walked further and the difference with me is that I had a sign and it made a Latvian trucker stop and he took me over... We talked in german all the way and as he wasnt going straight to Riga but he was going through Ciauliai, he called another trucker on the way that waited for us at the crossroad and then I was in another ride to the border.

For once I passed the border with the driver in the truck, it went all fine and the driver was slightly more tired as he did the ride from Belgium and was still continuing to Moscow.

Some classy statue next to the opera

Anyhow, I did enjoy the landscape all the way, mainly rural, and still green even if I was reaching about the same high as Hudson Bay.

Definitly it wont be snowy this year here!

The truck driver was of course stopping in the suburban industrial zone, and then I needed to find my way so I walked quite long before reaching the appartment block area and still longer before arriving to the beginning of the tram line, which tells easyly that this is direction downtown (another great features of tram)!

I jumped in and then contacted James who told me to go to the Old Town hostel bar to ask the direction where he lives and contact him when I'm at his door, I did so.
I waited as he was in a 'business talk' and after that we fastly ate something and went out in Old Town.
A tram ride in town

We ended up being out pretty late and also meeting the Finnish people for the party of the next day (HC: elsis) and having some chat and drinks in old town hostel... James serving me the local alcohol (Riga Balsam) which was pretty awful; and later on, having discussion with James about Riga on the way back (drunk discussion) and finally managing to sleep.
December 9
I at least had the day to be lazy and its only later by the afternoon that I headed in town to meet up with Marcus (HC: marcusnation). I brought with me only some little things and left my bags at James and went downtown at the old town hostel to meet the finnish, Marcus and the other members who showed up for the little meeting. It went all great and I manage to meet up with some members I wanted to meet since a while by now (HC: tenetsi), talking and having night out in different pubs in Riga.
At the tea house in the park
  I met up with Elita (HC: pukainite) for lots of local vodka. The funniest is that there was some vodka glasses standing on the table and nobody where taking the so we simply served ourself! It was a tough night but a great one. We headed back to Marcus with the early tram of the morning and slept pretty late then.
December 10
Basically it will have been a lazy day as well and I moved back to James. Although, he was not fully cheering but still fully welcome, I decided to now stay longer at his place... we had some stupid argument (as we often do) on disagreement of perception... like how to use HC, about HC, about Riga, the world and sometimes I must admit that he pissed me off  little by giving me the morale and a full speech on how to behave.
Elise at the tea house
I took it a bit as an insult and therefore there was a disagreement. We went to eat at Palmeny (the remains of the Soviet times workers cafeteria) in town and that is about it... not much actually happened so I do not have any specific reminding.
December 11
About the same as yesterday, leaving from James place with a bitter taste but still taking all the speech as a friend does so I'm not mad at all... just like 2 old friends bitching!

I also met with the Finnish people in town to stop at Palmeny and to have tea in one of those tea house located in the park and having a second floor with windows view on the park and where you simply sit on pillows on the ground...

I visited my embassy before all that as well too.
Full moon!

Anyhow I moved to Marcus's place somehow and spent a part of evening in town talking with Elita, Alice (HC:snus), other people and the workers at the old town hostel.
Visiting as well Marcus who was working nightshift in his hostel as well...
Not any special reminding...
December 12
About the same than the previous day... although the Finnish people were gone.
Talking with Alice, with Elita and visiting Marcus at the hostel where he was having always the night shift the whole week for a tea and to use the Internet.
I always arrived back at Marcus and Zane's place pretty late with a late night tram.
So therefore I was sleeping most of the day but I also went to the Rimi supermarket to buy some decent food .
A view from the Tea house over the Boulevard Park
.. cooking some great things (which Marcus also did cook some great meal). Although at Zane's place (where actually Marcus, who is from Australia, is also only a guest... but a long time one as he managed to get some job in the black at the hostel in the city) there is no fridge, no shower, no hot water and no heating... the price for renting is so high in Riga that even other people from HC working there with a huge professionnal job (like architect... which escabarajo's is working in) can barely afford a flat..... Therefore every little piece of flat can be rent even if its quite basic condition.
So basically our fridge was the between of the 2 doors, which is easy since its winter... the shower, I did have one at the hostel by early morning or late night twice during my stay in Riga.
My pants and everything in general are falling apart... Being sick gives some times to do some fixing
By the way, even James isnt having a fridge.

It was still a cosy place... and blankets were needed.
Basically I went out in town to talk again to people and also with some guests staying at the hostel, having a beer and going to sleep late.
December 13
Today I felt sick, having either a little cold or a little flu... I slept most of the day and I was ok to at least come out and do something so I walked in town during the evening to meet people and have a drink (which has been my last one before I got more sick... and also the last one my budget could allow).
I talked to James a little and he told me about the concert of the next day at the pub...
December 14
I was still sick, felt like a short fever, wet and cold, but still not without energy enough to do something.
Marcus's WinniePuh
So I went with Marcus in town since he wasn't working that night and Alice convinced me to go the concert of local and swedish bands at the rock club Depo. The smoke and my energy dropped pretty fast... so I didnt feel fully good.

I also talked to Elita, whom works for Air Baltic and was keeping on inviting me and Marcus to fly with her since she had reduction on flight fare... either to Europe or eventually to Canada, if we fly with her. So she was offering it the whole time and but for the next year it wasnt too much of a good opportunity. As by example I wouldnt need to go to Riga to catch a flight to Spain... I could hitch-hike there.
Anyhow we also had a lots of fun with correcting her english (whom... ehmm still need improvment). Anyway, she is funny !

She was also about to fly to Istanbul for the week end.
A statue next to the freedom monument and opera

So the evening ended up after the discussion by a tram ride back home... probably late.
December 15
I was sick... so nothing during the day. I cant even remember if I did something during the night either. Although the coming days of being sick and doing nothing than staying at home, going to Rimi to get some fresh food... or some liquid food, I watched some of the movies that were on the computer (South Park, Da Vinci Code... which is horribly bad and it took my 3 days to get over it, The butterfly effect, The machinist... both pretty good, and The man that killed Richard Nixon... which I watched with Zane and it was pretty tiring.)
December 16
Fully sick, my jaw has swollen so I cant eat... since I could barely open my mouth. Basically I could only eat liquid or aspire food... it was slightly painful to chew.

I kept it like this expecting it would go away by itself.
December 17
Still sick, I start to do some sewing, reparing my pants as well, making myself a new pocket and put my Lithuanian patch over the whole on my jeans.

Did nothing otherwise...
December 18
I went in town during the day at last... met with James and asked him for advice but he couldnt say so and he was leaving to the UK for Christmas the next day. He still gave me some advice. I went to Old Town and slowly everyone who knew me started to worry and offered help. I received support so that if I needed assistance I could come by the morning and someone would come with me to the doctor. The people are in general really really friendly, I love Riga although its quite a weird city... a pearl that is growing to fast and receives too much influence too fast.
December 19
James was leaving today, Elita coming back from Istanbul. I was without energy and only moved later out to go to the embassy and sort out my problem. Got appointed with the doctor for the next morning, contacted travel insurance and went back to eat, finish watching da vinci code (gosh its bad) and sleep. Snow for the first time of the year, at least that brings me a smile!
December 20
I woke up early to go to Marcus hostel, like at 6am, get a shower and head to the doctor by 10am, snowy day which turned into slushy wattery so it made my feet wet... not good. I emt with Marcus and Zane for the noon time we walked and talked and finally I spent day at the library. There I met a woman who was really friendly to help me with getting some books and could speak some perfect french and was quite proud to speak with a canadian... since the president of Latvia is actually a Canadian who had flee the Soviet in her childhood and had become a proeminent teacher at the Universite de Montreal. She came back to Latvia in the late '90s and became president. At first I was heading to the library to go to the Internet but when I got in a man came to me and first wasnt too kind of letting me but brought me to a desk where I filled some papers and met the woman I previously talked about. So I got some books about the Art Nouveau architecture in Riga to read and later on spent some hours on the Internet.

The evening was quite calm... I dont have any specific reminding about it. It was Marcus's Christmas party at his hostel. I went to meet some people and its about that.
December 21
Still in Riga for the day and the antibiotics gotten the previous day acted pretty fast and the pain was away already and my jaw had improved.

I dont remember much of what I did... I probably went for some festivities with Zane and Marcus to cheers for the Christmas time... although I stayed sober with the antiobiotics. But I think it might have been calm. Actually it was and we spent some time at Marcus hostel taking it lazy and I used the Internet. We walked back home this time and it was calm in the city, we stopped by the cemetery next to Zane where there is a art piece where there is a computer underground projecting something and protected by a plexiglass.... ohhh by the way its also on the cemetery that I went to have a walk on the first few days and where I found a german military cemetery, which was odd to me was that every single soldier was dead around October 1945... while the war ended in May 1945
December 22
Leaving Riga early by hitch-hiking in direction of Lithuania. I got up and left by 11am and went in town to catch a mini-bus that goes to the far suburbs where the highway is and started to hitch. After a while a lithuanian man took me over and it was my only ride all the way to Kaunas where he brought me.

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HO HO HO Marcus... Christmas feeli…
HO HO HO Marcus... Christmas feel…
Weve got snow here it is a dawn!
We've got snow here it is a dawn!
Some classy statue next to the ope…
Some classy statue next to the op…
A tram ride in town
A tram ride in town
At the tea house in the park
At the tea house in the park
Elise at the tea house
Elise at the tea house
Full moon!
Full moon!
A view from the Tea house over the…
A view from the Tea house over th…
My pants and everything in general…
My pants and everything in genera…
Marcuss WinniePuh
Marcus's WinniePuh
A statue next to the freedom monum…
A statue next to the freedom monu…
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