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Along the road!
December 5

Early early but 7am we were getting ready and jump on a full overpacked bus direction downtown and talk on the way. Finally I get out at the train station and walk the way that lead me out of town in the morning mist. Great feelings and quiet feeling. Today I'm reaching Lithuania and have a long ride to do to reach so.

I walk till the edge of town and pull my thumb up, its not long before a car stop and it goes a bit further... good its a little part of the way. The driver speak german and we talk a little about his job and myself, he has driven all the way from Germany where he is actually working... in the area of Frankfurt.
Then I did some road pictures at the spot he left me, the nature is still so green its amazing, its about december and it should be freezing and white, instead its above zero, there is a little mist and the grass is vividly green.
All the way to LT

It hasnt been long afterwards that another car stopped in direction of Elk which is about a whole part of the trip. The driver though wasn't speaking english and he called his wife who did so to have her tell me that her husband needed to stop on the way but was continuing to Elk afterwards... so we left the main road and when the business was done we reached Elk where he left me out of town on the way to Augustow.

Again not long and I got picked by another man who could speak english and was actually a history freak... which I found amazing, so I could get a little history of the region we were crossing, region that used to be the border of a defunct country Prussia.

From one sight we could see what was formerly Russia and Poland from what was formerly Prussia, and then crossing the border that doesnt exist anymore and where the remains were a line of trees, some German bunkers and especially the remains of trenches and fight of the First World War.
Mazurie Landscape in Prussian territory
.. aka several military cemetery. The most amazing things is that these Russian and Prussian cemetery were fully abandonned and falling apart with trees growing over and inbetween.

The history course went on and also my driver was taken part sometimes of some live reconstitution of battles that appeared in the area... the first one as a Polish Cavalier in the Middle Age and the second as a Panzer officer in WWII.

He left me outside of Augustow and there I was on the way to the border where all the traffic comes from in the direction of Warsaw and so. I got a lift to the next city... and another further to the border, but the temperature had changed fast, it was slightly rainy and dusk was arriving slowly.

Luckely, as I was 10 km from the border its a lithuanian car who stopped with an old man and they made me pass the border in their car before driving me to Mariampole It was a great moment and they were funny and it was even funny to give over my passport at the border, there another in Mariampole a truck stop for some km to leave me on the way to Kaunas... where I got stuck... stuck stuck with slight rains and dark.
Cars werent going to stop and I couldnt see with my glasses... I got pissed especially when I car honk me to get out of the way and drop is window to probably insult me in Lithuanian and me to answer in English and finally says Do you go to Kaunas then at least!
He took me over and I can believe either he was mad that I was taking a part of the way or that he had see me only on last minute but I felt slightly ashame of having been mad at first and we talked in German to explain each other... for him, if I had no money for a bus, I shouldnt be travelling and stay home... mmmm :/

He left me downtown Kaunas and it took several sms for Vita to understand give me her address and for me to find the way to her flat in the northern part of the city in the middle of all the Communist tower building that gives a creepy look of the city with the massive concrete labyrinth. At least, I'm there!


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Along the road!
Along the road!
All the way to LT
All the way to LT
Mazurie Landscape in Prussian terr…
Mazurie Landscape in Prussian ter…
photo by: maplefanta