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Brussels National Zaventem Airport New Terminal
It's been booked, so I got my plane ticket to Brussels from London Heathrow with Brussels Airline for that very same day. I will just need to sort out how do I reach the airport and at what hour and then flying away: 2 days in Brussels where I will try to catch all my remaining luguages (at least those I can have access to) and try to meet up with as many friends as possible (a meeting? possibly!).

Then a departure from the european continent! Back home!
It could have been a definitive one... but nope I got a return, and a job contract to finish!

The only stress will be to make sure the ship arrives well on time the night of the 18-19 so that I have enough time to go up to London without to much stress!
August 19

I finally didn't go to sleep and kept on preparing my luguages and other things before departure and then I was sure to not miss my bus that was leaving around 7am.
Zaventem airport worker

I get ready, had a shower and a short meal and walked to the bus station walking through the park in the early morning mist and arrived all on time to sit on the bench and wait for the bus to arrive.
I finally slept in the bus and the whole journey went calm to Victoria station then, I simply took the tube to the airport, which is a bit of a long trip.

I arrived at Terminal 4 in London Heathrow but I was amazed by the look and lack of information in the airport terminal, it looked like hell! People everywhere, overcrowded and no info about the flight. I was there early so I killed time outside drinking my drinks as I wouldn't be allowed to carry them and finally I went to the electronic registration of British Airways (which was my flight eventhough I bought with Brussels Air).
Zaventem airport break worker

I queued and let my bag leave finally and then head to the security check, I was so surprised that it was more smooth than Stansted airport, I wouldnt have believed such.
Then I was in the checked in area and looked for my gate, I also looked for the gate of the flight to Mexico as there was someone on HC forum that was departing at the very same time than me so I was wondering if he caught my last message and if we would meet or recognised each other.

It was even more special that his gate was the one next to mine. So I looked when the flight was boarding but finally didn't see anybody that looked like him. So I sat and relaxed in the terminal, looking at the plane and taking pictures... I think it was the same terminal I was in the last time.

Then I boarded my short flight to Brussels and arrived at the airport, took the train downtown and immediately to the Cafe Monk ordered a White Beer and sat reading the Belgian and british newspaper waiting for Frank and the other to come from their tour.
Brussels National Airport view
Frank has organised a meeting and a tour during the afternoon and I was finally really surprised by the response when I saw the people arriving. It was great and many people I was happy to see again! Even Nadine made its way to Brussels for that evening. Everyone I knew for Brussels was there (Kristina, Achim, Ingrid... even Maikel from NL), and Frank had brought my suitcase. The evening went on later until everyone left on their side (we had a nice meal from a chinese restaurant and drink and talked all evening.). I didn't manage to talk to anybody as there was plenty fo guests but I had a surprising time.

Later, Nadine and me moved back to Achim and we had another drink and chat there before going to sleep.

August 20

A calm in Brussels, It was grey all morning and I simply relaxed with Nadine.
London Heathrow Terminal 1
Then we went out and I showed her the hitch-hiking spot so that she could leave to Koln and I made my way to buy some sweety stuff at Colruyt (Belgium's best and one hell of a cheap supermarket).

I bought some german wine and of course chocolates, waffels and other sweety belgian specialities. But my luguage were already quite overfilled with all the stuff I was bringing home so I couldn't really surcharge it and get too many things. But well it's always nice to go to Colruyt (even in Brussels) and it brings me some quite nice memories.

Back at Achim's place, I spent the rest of the afternoon packing my bags as best as I could and left some stuff at Achim as I may need them later. Well I decided that they were things I might want to use for hiking in the future.
View at London Heathrow Terminal 1
Although they were mainly old socks... and my winter gear.

After this, I watched the movie Munich until Stan came all the way to Brussels to spend some time together. That was nice, we talked a little and walked down to the Friterie Chez Antoine on Place Jourdan (where they serve the best Fries in Brussels) and took some that we ate on the square while first being harrassed by some drunken old scum.

Stan made it all by bicycle from Leuven, I'm sometimes still amazed by those distances... madness :D (or lazyness of my behalf).

I spent the evening talking with Achim, setting my alarm and ensuring my ticket and passport was all fine... although we went to sleep quite late.

He even offerent to drive me to the airport, which is really early in the morning. But it is really kind of him. I must say with all the help I will have received from Achim, I don't even know if I will ever have the chance to re-pay him in any ways. I certainly do wish that one day I can be on the other side and offer some help up!

August 21

Gosh, I didn't hear the alarm clock! Why does that happens everytime you are in such situation! My flight was departing at 9.55am so I needed to be at the airport for check-in before 8am. Achim knocked at my door at about 7.30am and woke me up. He was getting ready and I hurried to bring my bags downstair to the car, getting clothed as well and we headed to the airport.

We made it all fine on time... it was just a short stress. I checked in with all the security questions asked and also needed to adjust my bag because of the weight. So I needed to take my backpack out because I was planning to only use one luguage but it was above the 32kg, so I put a few stuff on my other bag to make it into the 2x32kg instead.

Then Achim was waiting for me and offered me the breakfast at the airport, we talked a little and just gave ourselves the greetings before I passed the gate. I always enjoyed the discussion and time spent.

I went into the checked area but first stopped to the duty-free to buy some pralines, then the security and made it to my gate... without rushing this time (which is not my most common action at airport!).
The weather was grey but at least it was dry. I did ask one flight attendant why there was a 'No ammenities due to weather' close that added been stamped on my ticket!

I would actually find out when landing at Newark Liberty!
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Brussels National Zaventem Airport…
Brussels National Zaventem Airpor…
Zaventem airport worker
Zaventem airport worker
Zaventem airport break worker
Zaventem airport break worker
Brussels National Airport view
Brussels National Airport view
London Heathrow Terminal 1
London Heathrow Terminal 1
View at London Heathrow Terminal 1
View at London Heathrow Terminal 1
photo by: Vlindeke