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January 11

(Wieliczka... reputated for its salt mine... which for the price asked, I did not visit!!)

Today I left Lublin early, I got left in the outskirt of the city to try to hitch-hike to a road going in direction north in the matter to reach a crossroad that would further lead me to the road that bring to Krakow.

I wasn't too confident about that, but at least it was a sunny day and surprisingly warm for January... Chris drove me next to the Skansen where I would start hitching, but the road wasn't so friendly for it and the traffic too dense. I still tried, but after few hours of the morning I decided it was not good and started walking in direction of my first choice to leave town... heading direction south.
Sadly I lost more than an hour walking again across town to the outskirt in direction south and it made me tired as well :S

Anyway, I did manage to be there not long after noon, though a huge part of the day was now gone. So I started hitching there and luckely a little truck took me along, he would either leave me at a cross road or take me inland in the 'in between' of the 2 main roads that leads south. I took the second option which badly revealed not so great as he left me at the entrance of a little nowhere town. There was a marbelous really dark black wooden church, really it was the first time I ever saw a black church actually, and some war monument. I walked through the town until I reached one of its next village. Later on, I noticed that I was actually even out of the 'main' road that connect the 2 south main road... so I was in the country side, bloody hell!
I still tried to hitch-hike further at least to a next village, but the day was going on and dusk arriving pretty fast. Luckely there was a good local bus network so I knew I could still hop in a bus, though I was stressed about the cost.
I was thinking if someone can bring me further along the road I could reduce the cost of the transport later when I would catch a bus, it didn't happen and I finally took the bus to Kielce (I was currently stuck in Ostrowiec Swietokryzski).
To my surprise the 40 km bus trip didn't cost a lot, then in Kielce I only waited few minutes before catching an express bus to Krakow, where I arrived around 8pm under a bloody rain fall.

The stress was now to get in contact with my host who was residing out of town in Wieliczka. My phone was doing crap and I couldn't either call or send sms. My luck as been when Chris called me to see how I was doing and finally he connected me with my host for the night. I talked with Tomek who explained me how to catch the minibus from the station (Station which was pretty confusing too... renovation and you could hardly find your way easily once you were outside) and he would be waiting for me at the bus stop. I took note of the name of the bus stop, at best as I could, hop in the minibus later on when it arrived and manage to reach Wieliczka. Tomek (HC: tomekwalkiewicz)was a really cool guy, really willing to help and meet new people... he was inviting most of the people who were passing around. So I arrived there and met with his girlfriend (my gosh she was cute) and we had some food before talking a little and heading to sleep later on. The sister of his gf was currently sick also in the next room and a bit complaining (I mean the kind of complaint of someone that is sick and where everything does bother.)

Some personnal thought:

Its been now more than 6 months that I'm bumming around in Europe. Great adventure and great moments... though mixed with some depressing and sad ones too.

In a way it seems that I'm always on a broken heart mood while I'm standing along the road, especially if I take reflexion time for myself.
I was slightly like that about Marie back in 1999 while I was backpacking in France, now I  still am about Gil even if everything stopped between us already 2 years ago.

I still see myself in different european cities dreaming about her, having strong nostalgic thought about my life and my years in Belgium and my great appartment on the Brouwersstraat in Leuven. Her smile then, our sex life, her presence and care. We had a simple life back then but what I would give to live it again, such a great one.
Besides missing her, what I feel the most nostalgic is to not have realised it and taken the time to live and enjoy every second of it. I'm sorry for the really sporadic arguments we had... enjoying the time being would have been great, instead of looking forward for our future together and always pushing forward for when things would be 'solved, papers and money'. If only I had proposed her in a different way.

Of course now I simply hide behind my anger and frustration but luckely I easily go through that situation... being on the road help to cope with it.
But I still find my social life condition quite harsh, while on the road I have to bring up my good side and sometimes I don't feel like it, no emotions!

Why do I actually always care so much about the impression that I leave? Why do I feel that my nationality is mostly being a handicap to every of my social relation and plans?
Why does people mind so much that I'm from 'the french part of Canada'... always making me feel like if its a disease! I hate it... and I especially hate this stupid francophonic part of my country.
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photo by: festerwretch