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Flying over Canada... Charlevoix and Ile aux Coudres
It is just a airport transfer, but there is always stories to be told from these moments (well on my case), or maybe I'm simply like a child in the excitement of a candy (travel and mobility) when I'm in a airport environment. So I'm probably one of those whose Airport is synonym with the happyness of arriving somewhere, coming back to our relatives, seeing new horizons... and not 'departure and farewell'.

It will be interesting to see how different will Newark airport be from the last time I flew there (2002).
And I'm quite happy that for once I paid to arrive in my hometown and save a 3h drive from damn Montreal airport. It will be funny to arrive in Quebec city actually... with its tiny airport!

August 21

This airport connection was suppose to just be a formality, the plane landed and I walked through the immigration quite quickly (having nothing to declare or to fill-up.
Flying over Quebec city, we can even see my lake
.. being canadian just in connection).
Then I waited for my bags to come, wait and wait and luckely they were there. So I carried them (since the trolley were paid to be used) and had to leave them at the connection point. This time it was crap, a huge pile which just show you 'you bag will be stuck there' and of course you know they will open them.

Then I went outside to kill time and drink the ginger ale I took from the plane before passing the security check again (otherwise they would have removed it). It was raining over New-York and from the airport there wasn't anything to see... I could only notice that I was definitely back in America.
I went back through the security, had to remove my shoes... like everyone actually, and was then searching my gate. After a little search, I found it and sat... the place was marked to be delayed until 3pm, which gave me few hours more to wait.

Then though, the call... flight to Quebec city = Cancel! WTF.
I should have known that the stamp on my ticket in Brussels 'No Ammenities due to weather' meant something. The rain forced some flight to be cancel and Qc was one... at the Continental desk, I got put in the last flight of the day... if it wouldnt be cancel either.
So I would be there until 9hpm... 9 hours to wait!

Thanks to Hurricane Dean!

So I called my parents to let them know and then killed time talking with some people that were in the same situation. I ended up with a woman from Qc and a guy from Brussels both going to Quebec city, we talked about everything and that helped time to go faster... although it was long. We went for a beer in one of the airport pub and talked all those hours.

The guy was coming to study at Université Laval for the year and had a night at youth hostel booked, at first he was worried that he wouldnt make it on time before curfew or so. Anyhow, I offered to host him or otherwise to drive him to the hostel. The woman was coming from short vacation in NY, it was cool discussing about life and also about how the country was going, me having not been home for so many years there was plenty to talk about. And that include the 'why I am not interested to live in my country or hometown anymore'... since it usually involve my profession, it was a well vibrant talk. It greatly helped the waiting time to go on.

Luckely the rain stopped, and we would be home just before midnight!
By 9pm we board that tiny embraer flight for a night ride over New England all the way north to Quebec city! yiippiie.

Or maybe not yippiee so quick, I still have to endure the joyful canadian custom and immigration
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