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August 27

We woke early but only prepared pretty late to do something of our day. In the early morning 2 other guests from Switzerland arrived and the place got really crowded, the result have been that Ralph and Anda left somewhere for that night. So we got the bed, the 2 swiss guys stayed at the room of Axl (the third flatmate) and Chris went to sleep at his girlfriend while another swiss girl took his room.

The weather was mostly grey and rainy which was the reason why we didn’t leave the apartment till later that day. When it stopped we went to walk in the Art Nouveau district, where I was still amazed by the architecture this year too. The building all on the gentrification and renovation process are so incredibly amazing. Still some are abandoned but most are now fully occupied… by embassies.
I couldn’t imagine that just last year James and me went to walk into those abandoned building.

When we arrived in the old downtown, the rain started again so, after some short seen of some feature (old city wall, cat house…) we head to the Occupation Museum which I had already visit but could spare some more of it!

Later after the museum, I got in contact with James and met him at the steps of the main higher hotel tower next to the park, we went up to have a great top view of Riga. Which was amazing as well, I hadn’t think of it before.
Then we simply went for some tea at a local tea house next to his job place and discuss again about everything and future and plans and life. I really like James and I hope all the best for him. Its great to see him every time and I consider him as a true friend. Later we left on our side and went back to Chris and Gerard. Finally we spent most of the time with  Gerard and the swiss guests discussing all the evening until the night.

August 28

We woke early to prepare to leave to go hitch-hiking to Vilnius, Our luck and great thing is that Gerard drove us out of town to the major cross road to hitch-hike to Lithuania. We have been lucky as someone took us nearly immediately to drive in direction of the last town before the border.

From there though it was a complete another story and nobody was stopping for us, we finally walked further along the road and further. We had to wait extremely long all afternoon, having lunch by the side of the road. We got then someone to drive us few km further. Then another one for few other km… but then it seems obvious that the border being like 4 km away that it would be better to walk it, which we did and crossed our first border ever by foot.

Then from the border things got more easy, Lithuania is way more easy to hitch-hike than Latvia. But the first to stop wanted money… American dollar?  Then not long after we got a ride with a trucker to Panevezys and there we waited some more longer until a car with a hugely silent driver brought us to a suburb of Vilnius where a big rainy storm was just arriving and we needed to hurry to catch the bus as it started to drop hard. Luckely when we came out it was all finished… but it brought an early sunset.

Then our way was done and we were about to meet with Anjay, our host, at the exit of a grocery store in a suburb of Vilnius.

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photo by: sarahthevegasbride