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October 22

We woke and took it easy its only by the afternoon that Frank brought us downtown in Brussels more specifically at Ingrid in Schaarbeek, where we had the chance to get the book that Mieke forgot in her car the previous night and to bring it to her.

Finally we either didnt have to hitch-hike to Mechelen as Ingrid drove us there and we met with Mieke there taking it relax on the computer before heading in town for what was still a clear and warm evening. Pretty surprising for such a late time in the year.

We went to walk in town and finally chose a pizza for food that we ate on a little square near the Brusselsstr. We had nice time and nice conversation all three together and it was great. Of course I was starting to wonder what were going to be the plans for the coming days and weeks, I had none and neither Dylan had any. Personnally I wasnt at ease with staying long without plans or ideas at friends in Belgium and having them getting irritated by our (my) presence. This was going to affect my mood pretty much on the coming days because I didnt like to not be able to answer the people the question: where are you going and what are you doing? On the other hand Dylan was all fine with the awaiting and last minutes decision and planning... even if I'm having the good flexibility I don't want to get people bored... but well Dylan is pretty much more charismatic than I can be myself ;P

So I guess this was reflecting on our mood. Anyhow we chose to go to stay in Tienen for the coming days and first eating at Mieke's parents the next day. Then we could stay at the neighbours that Dylan knew pretty well.
We went back to Mieke and talked late before going to sleep.
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photo by: Vlindeke