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Dawn reflexion
October 20

So we spent the night inside the Petrol station sleeping alternatively on the floor or on a bench and waking up pretty often; for me it was often just suddenly to look if my bags were still there.

Surprisingly, nobody came to disturb us nor the employees took care of our presence so we could stay calm in our corner.

The night went on and we only got out of there in early morning at the same time than the sunrise to walk to the highway entrance to hitch-hike out of there. Then nobody was stopping and the rain started falling... so we went back to dry ourselves in the tank station. We waited some more that the morning life started and finally after a while I approached someone and yes he would bring us all the way to Paris. The ride was long along the 'tree' highway and I slept a bit.
Follow the way!

Then we got left at a highway service station south of Paris, in the morning rush and we relaxed before getting our energy to ask people. The first one was an old disturbed man going to Lille (having a car from Lille) but didnt understand at all that he could take us along... better probably that we didnt take the ride as he would have been a danger probably.

And then Dylan went to ask a dutch car and the man would take us all the way to Belgium woohoo, really cool ride and cool guy but I slept again on the way.
He left us at a tank station before Antwerp and we simply asked someone else who brought us directly downtown, a great traveller himself that is now a carpet retailer. Funny.

So we did all the way from middle France to Antwerp that day and there we would meet Sophie (hc: papilio), a friend of Dylan whom he traveled with to Sweden.
Let's get out of here
We met at the zoo and then head to her place which is in a suburb of Antwerpen : Boechout.

We took the train there and first we could at last lie down and relax and have a shower. Food was greatly welcome too so we moved to a frietkot to have a big snack with lots of threat in the company of her housemate.

I enjoyed my veggie bicky burger with lots of fries and a kaaskrokett mmmm leker!
Then we chilled out at her place and also amused ourselves with the plastic gun and big 70s glasses on the streets of Boechout.

Later we walked to a bar in the next suburb but it was too harsh and late for me, I had no energy and I was glad when we reached back home to sleep... especially as I was starting to feel a bit sick and felt a fever coming.
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Dawn reflexion
Dawn reflexion
Follow the way!
Follow the way!
Lets get out of here
Let's get out of here
A early sleepless morning on a fre…
A early sleepless morning on a fr…
photo by: skydiver