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Stockholm Archipelago
the first rain of the journey!!

July 28

As we board the ferry, I looked at a plan and we moved to a room marked as cinema which revealed to be a sleep-in... great. That was what we needed. We took place there in the corner of the room, putting our bags and Laura decided to sleep while on my side I wanted to go discover every corner of the 10-level ship and also the view on the Stockholm archipelago that was going to appear.

So I walked like a child visiting every corner and level of the ship from top to bottom and inside to outside. Discovering internet at the child play game level, buying some great inexpensive toblerone at the duty-free and finally sat outside to enjoy the view on the islands, the birds and the other ferry coming to Stockholm.
Youth drunk in Turku, for the festival gigs

When I came back to the room later there was way more people who had put their quarter in every corner and Laura was asleep. I decided to get back to do some hiking on the boat for a while. Later I came back to get some sleep as well as I somewhat needed so and then I shortly met with my sleepy neighbour who simply said few things half asleep. I slept and later it's Laura who went away and finally when I woke up I started discussing with my neighbour who revealed to be finns girl on european interrailing trip and getting back home for few days (Rosa... whom we will be staying at in Tampere finally later).

We exchanged some food and I looked up over her things while she went away. Finally after the stop in Mariehamm, we felt asleep again for the rest of the journey.
Hitch-hiking towards Tampere
For a while though, also playing some paper game with Laura and the 12h ferry ride finally reached its goal as we went offshore in Turku. My first steps in Finland, some goodbye to Rosa and catching a bus to the center.

There we waited a little for someone to give the key of Laura's friend appartment where we walked to. We relaxed a bit, cooked and finally were too tired to move more so we relaxed and went to sleep more early instead as it was really needed for both of us. Especially for me as I started to feel slightly ill. My first impression of the city was that it looked like a german city, its not that old and seemed to have suffer from the war as many building are recent and rebuild... Laura couldnt tell me more about it.
July 29

We woke up early and finally went out to do some grocery at the nearby market and going for a short walk stopping by the netcafé. We got back to the appartment and I really felt asleep directly rom tiredness and illness.

Its only later in the evening that we went out again to walk in the city that was having a music festival for the week-end and therefore we could enjoy the sight of many drunk young finns in the streets and along the river bank. We made a tour around the river the festival site and later we met with Laura's cousine shortly. We both went for a short drink on a terrass until it closed (quite early) and chilling in the main square before getting back to watch tv, cook and sleep.
July 30

Laura was going away to her family so I stayed and relaxed for a while, slept some more, showered and watched the F1 GP on tv.

Later it was somewhat time that i move and I went out for a walk along the river walking until the harbour area but I got trapped by a huge thunderstorm that made all my clothes soak yet. So I couldnt bother anymore and I simply walked under the rain as I couldnt find any good shelter. I walked back to the appartment and put my clothing to dry and get some warm clothes to relax with the tv until Laura came back. Then its been some reading before getting to sleep.

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Stockholm Archipelago
Stockholm Archipelago
Youth drunk in Turku, for the fest…
Youth drunk in Turku, for the fes…
Hitch-hiking towards Tampere
Hitch-hiking towards Tampere
photo by: nidge76