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Mathilde on the computer

September 10

As we arrived by the evening back at Achim we first went to Mathilde's place to relax a bit and finally we both felt asleep but woke up on time to go have dinner at Achim. We arrived there and had a great indonesian dish with sushi and other delicatess. It was a great evening with some drinks at his new appartment.

Later by the night as we were sitting on his garden, we heard a strange sound and look on the other side of the wall and finally it was a city bus who ran out of gas in front of his door. We spent some minutes talking with the armless driver and had some fun by sitting at the driver seat and discuss about anything related or not with Brussels public transport.

As the night was getting late, I went back to Mathilde to sleep there and was suppose to wake up the next morning to pick up Achim's nephew at the train station to bring him back to his place.
September 11

We both got lazy, not doing to much the whole day except for a short walk in Matonge where we bought some food for cooking. The weather is surprisingly sunny and hot for the autumn, so anyway later we simply took a nap and felt asleep. Frank called me back and invite if we would want to go to cinema, I said I would think about it. But he was also going to bring my computer in town so I could meet him downtown which I did and get my computer before going back to Mathilde.

Good morning at Ingrid
Then it’s been magical, I could find a free wi-fi connection from her flat!!

Later we cooked and ate some nice pasta. And for the rest and most of the night I worked on the internet! Especially working on this blog and on hospitalityclub.org.  I almost forgot it was today September 11… well I did forget!
September 12

I woke up pretty tired for having worked too late the previous night but then still kept working on the computer while Martin (HC:mart_o-cloc) arrived in town. It was great to see him again. Finally, Mathilde and him left to search for some apartment and other things. I kept working on the computer, only later they called me to meet as they were suppose to be at the ULB campus I started going there after having eaten something but finally they were already downtown. So I joined them there. It was Erasmus nights in Brussels for the ULB and there was a whole bar tour night for them, so we simply join and mix between them from the Delirium café and got free drinks the whole night.  Mathilde also introduce me to one of her friend that also shortly pass at her b-day party and asked if I could be staying at his place for the night as Martin was already staying there. And her landlord was getting on her nerve… so later we moved back to Ixelles ULB area and brought my bag there.

Cliche at Ingrid

After the night out there, I moved to Simon who is not HC member (yet) and slept there.
September 13

I left his place by noon and went to the campus to join Martin and Simon, from then we moved to the Ter Kameren Bos for a pick nick gathering with all the Erasmus, getting some food and Martin brought his risk board game. So I met with plenty of Erasmus people I talked with the previous day again but of course most if not all, I will never see again.

It was funny though to see how it was pretty easy to notice who is from which nations… the Swedish girls all looked like Barbie dolls, I spotted the Canadians right away… all from Montreal, so for that reason we didn’t even talked (with the great behaviour of ahh, you are from Quebec… conversation stops!). I only talked long with the guy from Ottawa.

Anyhow, we played Risk the whole afternoon and it ended up that me and Mathilde tied.
Then we moved back to the campus where there would be some pancakes evening for 2euros. Again, chatting with people at the table, Martin immediately made the Bulgarian girl mad (weird) and Aurelie also joined us.

Its been a good evening, with not so good pancakes but well… we then finished the night in a park with some beers. Then back to sleep at Simon.

Gil on the Park on the free car day

September 14

Lazy day hot day again, I moved back to Mathilde and worked some more on my computer the whole day. Its only by evening that I went to get the key to Ingrid (HC:floki) where I would be staying for the coming days and walked to her place in Schaarbeek.

The weird thing is that I arrived in Schaarbeek by dusk, I could feel all the eyes of the people on my while I was crossing the square with all my bags and computer to arrive at Ingrid which I could find immediately. Schaarbeek is one of the poorest district of Brussels next to North Station with the red light and high criminality. I did arrive safely and looked for net connection but I could hardly find one. I did only have an unstable one which didn’t allow me much.

Then, I started to watch Man bites dog (C’est arrive près de chez-vous) a Belgian satire movie… which I couldn’t finish as I was too tired and I talked with Ingrid who arrived from job.
September 15

I woke up late, lazy too, I finished the movie and then later worked on the computer some more with what I could do with the connection. Its been mostly like that, looking outside a bit for the hot but cloudy day.

I ate what I could find but finally tried to do falafel which was quite not easy at all but did revealed ok with rice.

Me on Leopold Park
When Ingrid arrived we talked a bit and the evening went by.

September 16


We left by the afternoon with Ingrid and a friend of her to Molenbeek for some exhibits which we missed anyway… but as it was the free patrimonial day in Brussels lots of activities and museum were free. The weather was great as well though so we went for a drink, Loris joined us and finally hanged in a park in Molenbeek the whole afternoon after having done some grocery.


Later we went back to Ingrid where Achim joined us and we prepared a nice dinner which I cooked and we talked the whole night.

Gil Eye on Leopold Park
It was a great moment!


September 17


I woke up on time and helped Ingrid to clean the dishes of the previous dinner and also got a sms from Gil who was coming in town. I just had the time to prepare and to leave on this special car free day in Brussels where everyone was crazy on their bicycle but the streets were so calm and relaxed. The public transports thought (free for the day) were not efficient at all… I met with Gil and as the city downtown was overloaded with people we decided to walk to the upper town and went to sit on the Leopold Park, talking and relaxing there.


We had some great time but its always hard to see her as its always for a too short moment where we cant do much. Always on a third public place, and I never know how to react. I want to hug and get some feelings with her… I might need the strong hug and simply quiet caring moment next to her. I never know when is the last time I will see her, and I never know what is her thought finally. She is simply great and I can’t withdraw her out of my mind but well…


I came back by the early evening walking through the red light of Schaarbeek and spent the evening calm at Ingrid. Talking and also working on the computer finishing most of my blog now.


It has been a lazy day, I was numbed and slept late and been lost most of the day, I worked a bit in Ingrid apartment and went after to have a walk in Schaarbeek to find the colruyt to get some things to eat. I have been amazed how beautiful Schaarbeek was!

There is great building in the upper part and nice parks as well… it has a reputation of course but for the architecture its entirely something else.


Later, I was out with the intention of working on my computer and Ingrid call if I would go downtown at the Bison café. I walked to her working place and finally instead of looking for a place to get internet access I went with Ingrid downtown for a drink.  Aurelie came over… I saw some Erasmus from previously this week, I bet they all think I will be studying there and we will see again later this year though :S


Finally we had a drink downtown and later I called Mathilde who had just moved to her new apartment as it seems, so we said eh! We will stop by, which we did and we could see her great new flat next to Botanic, great location great view and great place. Lucky one!


Then we moved back to Ingrid and there my computer went scary with a fatal error… hopefully I did manage to open it again and work on it most of the night…


September 19


Numbed day, feeling a bit tired and weird, I did work on my computer and finally at last finished my blog until today with the pictures!

Was it time!


For the rest, I worked on Ingrid apartment still pulling paint away on the doors and that’s about it!


September 20


Some more work at Ingrid and some desespair about my computer who looks like nearly dead...

For the rest I have no memory of what I did until Friday.
September 21


Simply don't remember, nothing special I supposed
September 22


I woke up with Ingrid and walked with her to her office to look if I could use the Internet at their offices with my lap top. It finally failed and I couldnt do a thing so I went out again in the sun at the nearest square and still couldnt connect.
Only later I went back to Ingrid to eat and bring my things and while the hours passed by it was already time to go in town to have the chance to go to the local meeting that was organised at last minute.

I went there and I got the chance to meet more members that I had not seen before and also other travellers, Gregoire was there, Aurelie too that is mostly about that for the member I knew.
There was also a pretty good looking german girl there... but well

I stayed out pretty late and we moved to few other bars downtown and finally a guy drove me back to Schaarbeek where I arrived about at the same time than Ingrid did from her dinner which means late late by night.

It's been a great night and the sleep would be short.

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Mathilde on the computer
Mathilde on the computer
Good morning at Ingrid
Good morning at Ingrid
Cliche at Ingrid
Cliche at Ingrid
Gil on the Park on the free car day
Gil on the Park on the free car day
Me on Leopold Park
Me on Leopold Park
Gil Eye on Leopold Park
Gil Eye on Leopold Park
photo by: Vlindeke