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September 23

With the previous night I woke up pretty late and I started preparing but before that I worked on my computer to try to save and burn as much data out of it...

That occupied most of my day.
Then its only by the end of the afternoon that I finally left to the North Station to catch the train to Leopoldsburg.

I mistaken that we were Saturday and I had to wait about an hour before having my train, through Antwerpen, to the Kampen area in the far east. I bought a go pass, which allow 10 travels for 45euros and wait.

Then I spent the 1h30 train ride looking at the job newspaper and taking some ads out.

Once arrived by nightfall in Leopoldsburg, I sent an sms to Katelijne but she wasnt arriving after a moment I dared to go to the frietkot to have some fries to devore on the square next to the station at the side of an old WWII tank.

Finally Katelijne arrived and we moved to the cafe that her parents owned and I could meet some people there, although I didnt really know anybody. At least I could meet Katelijne again which was nice. I had some drinks and finished my fries and later I got to mix up with the people and talk a little and it was nice.

Later though Katelijne got to drink maybe a little too much... and its after that in the late night that we moved out to go to sleep.
September 24

The walking up was hard, the guy that was in the same room that I was though did wake up and left really early. I did only later by late midday. Katelijne was mmm somehow in the after party not full ease.

We later move to her home and then we could have shower and just relax shortly. They were preparing the cake and for me it was the time to leave if I wanted to be in Gent not too late for the meeting that was already started. So  her father drove me to the station and I board the train, switched in Antwerp and went direction Gent.

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