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Emile, my nephew, at the wedding
August 22

Today was an early wake up call, so no relaxing long morning... but anyway with the jet lag, I was already awake.

My mother took me immediately down to Quebec city so that we had a try-out for some clothing for the wedding. I drove... first on the left... oups!
I went there and tried the whole stuff, they would immediately prepare it and I just need to come back in the afternoon to fetch it.

During lunch time, I took the advantage of having my first POUTINE!! At Ashton!
mmmm tasty little meal, how I can miss you!

It was a sunny day, quite great so we ate it outside on a terrace, then we still had time to kill before going to get the clothes, so we took the car and ride... my mother wanted to go to the mall, but I had no interest.
Rosalie, my niece, at the wedding
Of course we didn't talk a lot. I'm not that talkative and I don't see what to talk about... my mother is the same. That is mainly that I do not brag about what I did, and I do not see the use of trying to explain a life that is far from my parents concern and which they can't understand. My mother have stopped asking questions long ago, as I would never have answered them anyway (eventhough it is mainly because of the way the questions are asked... which often bothered me, as it looked too childish).
August 23

Ahhh no due tasks today, so a late sleep and some relaxing time in the jacuzzi at home.
August 24

The day before the wedding... hmm my brother came to sleep home so I could spend time with him but he did arrive late.
An overview at the church before the celebration
I must say that I don't remember for the rest what happened that day.

August 25

The Wedding Day, the waking up was rough a bit. I had spent too long awake the previous night.
Anyhow I was up and my uncle and aunt came from Ottawa. It was great, but I was busy doing things and didn't talk too much with them... this mixed with my morning mood.

It was a grey day, so it was scary that it would be rainy for the wedding. It has been damping at some point of the day, but it wasn't too bad. I drove with my father to the church, which is located in Ancienne-Lorette, a suburb of Quebec city.

It is quite a nice church and a big one... usually everyone landing at Quebec city airport is sure to see it as it is near the airport. You can also see it easily from Quebec city old town when looking in direction north towards the mountains, by night it is the one with the 2 red cross illuminating high on the hill.
Tommy, my brother waiting in front

I took some nice pictures and talked with the many invitees, all family friends or family members (so it gave me a lot of hugs and cheers with my uncles, aunts, cousins, cousines...
Martin (my cousin) was surprised to see me, I had not talked with him for a while and on those last news I wasn't supposed to be there. He was there with his girlfriend that is well advanced in her pregnancy! Life is changing!

After a moment of welcoming and joy we all took seat in the church.

The ceremony went on for about 1h + and then we were out, the luck was that even if the weather was grey it was not raining (it had rain though!)
We got into a row of car and drove the country road all the way to Duchesnay where the party and celebration would be. My brother would be staying at the hotel there (Duchesnay is a Faunae Reserve next to a lake just in the surrounding of my parents house, it is also the place where there is the Ice Hotel by winter).
During the celebration
First it was the official photos taken outside with a view on the lake, then back to the dinning room where all the guests where already enjoying some food. It was a moment for me to discuss with many member of my family before sitting with my cousin and friends of my brother from my hometown.

It was a joyful evening, nice meal and some dj play by the evening. I especially took the occasion to talk with many people I had not talk in ages and whom I wouldn't again in a very long time.
Then I went home late, being some of the remaining guests left but I was living only 5 minutes away!

August 26

Well I did not wake up to join the breakfast, so sadly I wasn't part of that and couldn't spend more time with people I should have met again.
The Kiss time!

I don't think I did anything special that day actually.
August 27

Quiet day at home in the autumn breeze, I called people today to try to meet them before I would leave again, so by the evening I went to St-Raymond to meet my old neighbour who now had moved and whom I had not seen in ages, and also to eat a nice poutine at Ti-Oui Snack Bar. Which serves the best poutine in the area... although, I got bored of it, seems I wasn't so amazed of it afterall or they did change their recipe.

But poutine stays our traditionnal snack dish and is certainly something that has to be tasted by anyone (well I would make anyone eat it who visits me...) but please do not eat one from Montreal!
August 28

I tried to go meet my old employer today but it didn't work.
My cousin Martin and his gf Julie
.. sad!
So later on I met with Toby, an old friend from high school, at the best pub of the county. The Neuville Manor, located just ashore the St-Lawrence with a whole terrace giving on the river and its shore.

It was great to meet again, he did study geography just like me. And worked as a Planning Enforcement Officer. Great!
I will look forward to meet him again later.
August 29

August 30

August 31

One of those days I went out to Quebec city downtown with the car to meet an old childhood friend, Sael... who is also a keen traveller. We hadn't seen in probably 15 years. I went to meet him and we went for a drink and long chat at a local pub on Rue St-Jean. It was nice to meet again.

I must say I do not have proper remembrance of what I did during the remaining days.
Me (classy!) and my parents prior to leave home for the wedding.

September 1

My last day at home, I took a walk around the village and went to one of my friend by the lake as they were suppose to organise a community harvest party. Although it was pushed forward to the next day. So I spent a bit of the afternoon talking to him and later on with his father and sister. It was a decent relaxing day and a perfect autumn one... a fresh breeze under a sunny and blue sky. And a fresher evening, where I made a fire behind the house as my cousin Martin came over after his work to talk and spend time together. I borrowed him some of my books as I will be away and we talked about everything, the most amazing thing being that he will be father in a few weeks. Things are really changing at home and my friends are really having their way... sadly I didn't see them all in this trip.

Next time I will be in my home country and with them again it will be in a long time again... It will certainly have change even more in their relationship and life.
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Emile, my nephew, at the wedding
Emile, my nephew, at the wedding
Rosalie, my niece, at the wedding
Rosalie, my niece, at the wedding
An overview at the church before t…
An overview at the church before …
Tommy, my brother waiting in front
Tommy, my brother waiting in front
During the celebration
During the celebration
The Kiss time!
The Kiss time!
My cousin Martin and his gf Julie
My cousin Martin and his gf Julie
Me (classy!) and my parents prior …
Me (classy!) and my parents prior…
My parents at home before the wedd…
My parents at home before the wed…
During the celebration
During the celebration
The brides family...
The bride's family...
Photoshoot, at least the rain did …
Photoshoot, at least the rain did…
Prior to the kiss moment
Prior to the kiss moment
photo by: maplefanta