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Harbour area
August 1

We woke up quite early and I prepared myself and some lunch while Laura woke up in a bad mood again so I ignore it. Then we left Tampere and she said again to catch a bus and then I complied and we ride the bus until the highway out of town. We waited there for about an hour and more which was quite annoying for both of us until finally a young guy took us and brought us to a tank station along the way to Jyvaskyla. From there it's been pretty more easy to catch a ride and fast as Laura went to ask some people and a mid-age couple took us some km further to another tank station next to Orivesi... then we waited and got some drink and while Laura went away to survey the trucker, I pulled my thumb to a russian car coming over and he stopped..
Looks like a chinese guard... I bet its the customs
. I tried to explain that we were two and yelled at Laura who came running and we jumped on the car.

With them we had our ride all the way to Jyvaskyla as they were going further east. The funny thing is that the driver was only speaking russian and the lady at the back only russian or finnish. So it ended up that I was telling Laura in english (I was holding the map) who was telling the lady in finnish and who was telling the russian guy.

The ride went pretty well and Jyvaskyla is not a hitch-hiker friendly place so I found safer to get few km further down to Helsinki along the highway to a big service station. There I ate and we relaxed before Laura went to ask people but it seems everyone was going down to Helsinki. So it ended up with us going along the highway to pull our thumb up and its a car doing simply some km north who took us through the country road. Which anyway, I didnt found bad as I had a solution to continue our way out of the main road and avoid Jyvaskyla. And it worked, with another lift we got back to a service station next to Äänekoski, waited and tried to ask but nobody again and Laura was losing patience and saying we would never make it but it was only the end of the afternoon. It's more that she wanted to meet friends that were leaving tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I told her to go ask certain people which she did and one of guy even if reluctant at first took us over all the way to Oulu which is still nearly 300km. So after a café we hit the road and Laura talked to him on the way while I slept at the back watching the redondant Finnish landscape.

We arrived finally early in Ouly directly at her friend place and then relaxed there, used the computer and cooked. The rest of the evening consisted of talk, me on the Internet and Laura and her friends getting drunk... which they did quite late while I went to sleep (late as well but still less...)
August 2

I still did got a good sleep and most of the day has been relaxing at her friend appartment looking at the warm weather that still reminded me of Indian summer back home. I used the computer to scan some travel idea.... andNorway started getting in my mind but I cant see why or I dont know if I would still.

Later by the end of the afternoon we walked downtown to have a peek of Oulu and to shop some things (a black marker for me). As we were horribly hungry and looking for something we stopped by Subway and enjoyed a sandwich like it was a long time I hadn't enjoy... the great thing is that they still use the stamps system which means that with that one I got a free sandwich that I can use later.

We ate by the harbour market which has wonderfully coloured house and a funny little man which looks like a mao guard. Our time was short as Laura's father was coming ot pick us up and bring us to Kuusamo and they still wanted to eat before leaving for the 200km ride to Kuusamo.
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Harbour area
Harbour area
Looks like a chinese guard... I be…
Looks like a chinese guard... I b…
photo by: ruxaa