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February 20

I made it all the way to Dover Harbour, now I was wondering how I would get a ride to the other side of the Channel, how could I make the car be willing to stop for me. Or where could I talk to people.
I had received advice that it was not allowed to hitch-hike in a harbour, well by the look of the street there wasn't really any other opportunity. I was now standing in the Visitor Centre awaiting to see if any car was going to stop. But it seems that those days everyone have the chance to do their booking and getting their ticket electronically. There was really no traffic coming here.

I tried to ask few car, but it was negative or they weren't crossing at all. So I tried along the entrance of the visitor Centre from the roundabout... no one stopped and I tried again somewhere else before the police politely told me it was not allowed and advised me to go further into town where there is a bus stop. I went but there was a bus parked there, so It actually took hell of a while before that coach bus left, I tried there but with the dozen and dozen of truck passing non-stop and fast it was useless. I went back to the visitor Centre and asked about the price for foot passenger (18 pounds) hell no! And at the Eurolines office.. it would be 30 pounds but the bus won't show up before 10pm.

Well that would be my solution on last recourse.
But I still had nearly 5 hours to kill so why not try to hitch more, I had enough and went direct into the roundabouts on the fence surrounding it to stick my thumb with my sign. There was a police officer standing nearby too. Damn, later on he moved to me... I thought that's it. But actually he simply came to have a chat, I couldn't believe it so he talked to me about different things as he needed to keep an eye on the traffic. I did as well, afterwhile I tried to hitch more but I didn't know if actually having a 'bobby' next to me would be helpful or more disturbing. Anyhow, after a while a trucker finally made me sign and pulled over. I said goodbye to the police officer and ran to it. I was about to cross the channel with a Turkish truck!

It was great (at first), getting through passport control without any questions and then waiting before boarding the boat. The driver's GPS was broken and we looked to fix it and I tried to help him to get into his final destination by looking through the atlas, it was not of any help.

Then later on we boarded the boat, and I had the chance to go to the truck driver area where I could have a full big meal for really cheap. It was tasty and I was hungry so I ate much. Then simply chilling out trying to have a conversation through broken german.

Then we were in France, back on the land and I had made it!!!
Crossing the channel for free while hitch-hiking. There was no passport control and hop we were on the highway in direction of Belgium.

Just before reaching the border though, he started asking me question... a dammit, I tried to buy time but after a moment I saw it coming miles away. He tried to get to have sex with me. I entirely refused and he kept insisting. So I also started grabbing my things and expecting he would leave me somewhere along the way... We reached Belgium, and I tried to buy the km before that would happen by changing the subject all the time, He offered me tea so I stayed cautious not to be drugged.
Anyway, It has been alright and I manage to get out along the northern ring of the highway around Brussels. A fast goodbye and general thanks and I jumped out of the truck and ran into the city trying to find the first metro station at Heysel just at around midnight!
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photo by: vixen2306