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September 24

I arrived somehow late at the meeting after a long train ride departing from Leopoldsburg and switching in Antwerp. I called Frank upon arrival at the station of Gent Dampoort which I did good as it was the nearest one to walk to the spot on the cafés by the church (which I don't remember the name)

I met Frank (thorgal67) at first for a great warmly welcome hug and also some known faces (miekelmot and joerifrombelgium) as well as many new ones. It was great and my entrance was well noticed so I got to talk to plenty of new people and a lot more with Mieke that I got to know a little more.

Some people were already gone and especially my host, whom I simply contact later and she came back to get me and we kept having some drinks with her and Eske in the café. Talking about all things silly or not and getting to know more.
I had a great evening, eventhough the whole place smelled like the toilet...

I went back to Sarah (sarah1971), my host in Gent, who hosted and welcome me in their house in renovation but with a warm welcoming feeling.
It was late and I got to prepare to sleep on the couch and did sleep alright besides the fact that I was getting attacked by some mosquitos all night.
September 25

I woke up in the morning with having the children coming down to watch tv and running everywhere before preparing for school... strangely they didn't find it weird to wake up with a stranger on the sofa. They did though put a tied doll next to me... mmmm was there a message :P

The morning went on pretty slowly and calmy and its only later on the day that we went out in town walking around and also meeting up with Sarah's sister to visit in town and have a drink. We had some more fun and great discussion and her sisters and bf were pretty great. I so far enjoyed really great their company and later that afternoon we simply walked around shortly having a look at the city before going to get the children at school (still kindergarten for both of them as they are pretty young) and driving back.

I ate with the family and later Christian stayed with the children while we went back in town to meet with Sarah's sister and bf and have some more drinks and talks. It was a great evening and I was a bit tipsy so I didnt say yes when Sarah offered me to drive on the way back.
September 26

Today was a more lazy day and the temperature wasnt all great, so I have been spending it more at the computer. I only had a short glimpse of the sun when it finally came out later and that was about it. I used the day to relax and stay quiet as Sarah was leaving by evening to go to a concert of Nick Cave and I did work some more on the pc and took time to receive the numerous drawings from the 2 little girls.


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