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Early wake up for Break-fast at Kloden

If you want to see the pictures of the camp I will have to send you to my other blog entry:




The writing is the same but I won't take the time to transfer the pics here too though... its been hell long already :P


September 2


Waking by early morning in the tent, as it was sunny it fastly turned on as a green house in it so it was easy to get up and out to stretch in the open air of Kloden.

Saturday's swim
Slowly everyone was getting up as well, most with smile some still with hang-over of the previous night.


On my side I carried all my food box from my stash out to the table to enjoy a real breakfast and to share with others as well. That’s HC spirit. Slowly the day was advancing and being a promising one with a great sun and plenty of great people around.


Gerard (HC:trollgrubbe) stopped by so I could cheers a bit with him… and lots of other people were quite taking it lazy, for me its been heading to the volleyball for a while before some people motivated us to go to swim, at first I was suspicious about the quality or temperature of the water, but it was all fine.


A nice swim by the sunny afternoon followed by some more volleyball and that has been my day.


After dinner, most of the people were lazy hanging at every corner of the place, so I went for a walk in Kloden, meeting the Trabant on the way and chilling some more in the vicinity of Kloden and I did get some postcard of the place! Woohoo!


Later by nightfall, we could at last make a fire so its mostly me and Ken (HC:uaflyer) who took charge of it, eh being the most near to lumberjack :P

I hanged around most of my time with Kruopa and its been a great time… later though as it was Ralf b-day (HC:rarom) there was a little surprised organised… and Florian (HC:flohfish) did act pretty well as a lady-boy with his nice leather string… sad I don’t have pics of it :P


The whole night went on as easy and cool as it was until I retreated to my tent to sleep.



September 3


I woke up more slow than the previous night and finally decided to stay one day longer instead of leaving with zaubii, later that day we had the chance to get a Trabant driving lessons with Falk (HC:zabelrider) Trabant, weird that those kind of cars existed… but I did well (I think?) at driving the Trabant around 80km/h in Kloden roads.


Some more volleyball, lazy moment and another fire… under the bad music of the dj that was stuck in the 70s… but anyway that was better than when we got access to the computer to play mp3 as it just became a huge anarchy then… I retreated a bit mad after my attempted of building a playlist with more recent music has been erased 3 times by other people.


I was pretty more tired that evening and the mood was going out more fast… finally I forced myself to stay (with the push of others) and enjoyed the whole bottle of martini left.

Trabant Ride


I loved the camp, great family alike atmosphere and great activities, all easy going


Ohhhh and how could I forget the great workshop organised on last minute and involving Philipp (HC:seee) getting wasted and totally still on the couch… being all disguised with what was around… well the trick is to never get wasted at a camp with people just awaiting for challenge around ;)

Thanks for the trust comments :P


Greetings to all those who were there!


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Early wake up for Break-fast at Kl…
Early wake up for Break-fast at K…
Saturdays swim
Saturday's swim
Trabant Ride
Trabant Ride
Trabant ride!
Trabant ride!
seee HC Workshop... do not get was…
seee HC Workshop... do not get wa…
photo by: maplefanta