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Protected by the dyke

November 15

My luck helped since while walking I managed to make another car stopped to bring me at the entrance of Wageningen and then within 30 minutes of painful walk with my backpack I reached the ferry and made the crossing for 40 cents.

Then I was walking over the dyke in direction of Randwijk, and singing since anyway, I had been walking a lot today and the pain would be to stay! So what else. Then I noticed in the dark a bicycle coming towards me and it was Ernest coming to pick me in direction of the ferry. We put the bag on the bike, took the folded spare bike that he brought and cycled to his place.

It was pitch black and only 7hpm. So we talked, prepared the guest bed and talked before preparing a vegeterian meal. Ernest is a environmental advisor and mainly work from home so he can spare living in the countryside of the 'in between' rivers area. So during the meal we talked a lot about air pollution norms and lots of other things. I must say he is a really friendly host and I'm amazed by his consideration towards guests. I could nearly have stayed longer here than the time I allowed myself!

Later he needed to work some more and on my case I needed to find hosts for the coming days so I worked on the computer and finished as well to write all my blog until now, isnt it great. It made it a late night though.
November 16

I finally got up by midday and went to have a meal with Ernest (HC:ernest). We talked some more about everything and I prepared to go to a bike adventure. This time I wouldnt be missing it. The wind was blowing though but well I would see what I could do as a distance.

So I started to leave in direction west on top of the dyke and did the whole route until a bridge that brought me to the northern side while following the river. It was nice and I was surprised it went fine. Then I started cycling in the north and manage to find some monument, bunkers and also a dutch military cemetery. The first time I was seeing WWII dutch epitaph. In 1940, there was a harsh hard battle in the exact area I was standing on while the dutch were trying to protect their country against the invading germans... this could easily be noticed in the cemetery, while I walked on it I noticed that nearly every single soldier was dead between May 10 and May 13. Let me tell that there was lots of epitaph!

Then when I left the cemetery that is located in a forested area on a hill, it was already dark. So I cycled to Wageningen, where I simply stayed shortly and decided to continue my until the next bridge further away to the east instead of catching the shortcut ferry. On the way I bumped into some monument for the airborne troops of market garden offensive in 1944. I was then in the landing spot! Cool.

Then after a long hassle I manage to find the way to cross the bridge (which is the highway one), it was rainy and I had enough a bit of being on the road in the dark without really seeing a things. Some more route and I was back to Ernest.
The trip gave me a great idea, the one of coming back next summer to use bikes to cycle like this in different area without having to carry the bags all around but leaving them at one spot and doing round-trip. That would be great and I would love to.
I will see!

We decided to cook some more things and tonight it was some delicious pancakes, which I ate with the local cheese. Maybe tomorrow I will go visit the local cheese factory at the farm few blocks away... would be great!
We talked and had a drink and later went to visit Randwijk nightlife which consisted of.. well us! Seems that in the Netherlands they have a particular way to play pool, with three bowl... you need to touch the 2 other ones to get a point and the snooker table doesnt have holes. We tried that at the local pub and came back.
November 17

Its been finally more calm and normal, I woke up and did  the normal morning business and took it calm before finally being ready to leave. I said goodbye to Ernest for the great moment I had and shared the thought of coming back by summer?

So I head to the streets and walked out of Randwijk under a great sun but a cool temperature, I finally ended up walking until the next town before having enough and being picked by a cool guy who brought me all the way after Arnhem.

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Protected by the dyke
Protected by the dyke
photo by: maplefanta