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October 25

We arrived to Achim somewhat on time to leave with him the the room of the 'Boom Bal'I was still expecting that it was a traditionnal folk concert but I learned in the train that it was a dance hall, so to go to dance and learn to dance folk... waahh I was stuck now to fight my public appearance fear. So we walked there as it was nearby Achim's home in Etterbeek and we paid the entrance fee, took some beers and talked to some people that Achim knew since he goes there pretty often.  Seems they only got interested in talking to us when they learned afterall that we were foreigner from 'interesting' country.

Anyhow, the dance evening started quite suddenly and I wasn't too mad when I noticed that I could stay appart as I didn't have a matching partner. So I sticked to the back of the room sipping my drink and making sure nobody was noticing me... then sipping the drinks of Achim and Dylan, avoiding the looks of the other persons coming in.

I'm really not a first row person!

It's only later that I let myself go when a nice girl invited me, and luckely it was a kind of crowd dance gigue so I didn't have to be noticed! It was nice and i let it go. After the pause and several drinks later I did dance some more crowd gigue but none of the 'personnal' dance, sadly for me one of the interesting girl invited me for a dance later but it revealed to be a crowded dance and after 30 seconds I lost her contact to another person... Sad :/

We went back home later and as usual had a nice talk with Achim but too late for him again who has to work the next day. we simply prepared the sofa-bed in the living room and slept there.
October 26

It's been a lazy day but there was absolutely necessary we needed to do is going to do our grocery, we walked to the Lidl to buy stuff and at the bakkery nearby and finally later in the evening when Achim arrived we made food together.

Nothing particular happened that night, we watched some movies on the computer and relaxed while Achim was away in a cultural meeting.
October 27

Today was a HC meeting day, Mieke was first trying to organised one but without knowing it there was already a gathering house-warming party organised at Onur (HC:chinaski).  We needed then anyway to move downtown to meet Mieke and Jack (an australian fellow) at the stock market. We arrived slightly on time and I twisted my ankle while running there... but it ended up ok.

Then we headed to Onur's place with Gregoire (HC:gregoire) by car. And went in to meet some really great member, Jenny from Utrecht (HC:dutchamericanjenny) was there as well as several Brussels member and from the surrounding.

I talked with some people lots that I dont remember and lots that I knew from the past, then I met this Icelandic girl that Martin (HC:mart_o-cloc) brought and she was rather naughty, on the way of hitting on everyone and being ok fun at first but weird at last. Anyhow, Martin thought that I would hit on her but its not really my style and neither my interest, so we simply blast eachother with dumb remark... I didnt mind that much anyway.

Later in the night we were moving back downtown to continue the party, the crowd left by group and sadly our group missed the last metro downtown. While I went to walk with Jenny instead, leaving the Icelandic girl behind, she had already hit on another belgian girl and they arrived at the metro station hand in hand. Anyhow, Achim was making a taxi stop to bring us downtown and he even paid for it!

The party went on, it was wild and great still. I got some Wittekerke beer glasses that are at Martin, Jenny and Dylan stuck me into a hot lapdance... I didnt really know what to think about (right right I'm conservative! naaahh!)

And the icelandic girl got her mood broken after our weird talk continue (meaning that I'm useless towards girls since I can't pay her a drink, so therefore I won't have a girlfriend... sooooo baaad!) and especially after Martin told her that she should re-think her behaviour.

We stayed out until we could catch the first metro back to Achim in the early morning at sunrise. Especially after accompanying Mieke to the first train at Brussels Central and waiting with her at the swing (which is an active piece of art) located at the outdoors of the train station.

Then we went to sleep!
October 28

The day went on of course with the long previous night and we didn't much special but left from Achim (luckely for me Onur brought me back my bag that I had forgot at his place the previous night) to go to stay at Mathilde (HC: mathilded) and Martin, the evening was relax we ate there and started playing risk with Dylan and Jenny. They wanted to still go out that night and did but I was way not in the mood and my energy was off. I also started to feel the need to move already or at least to get some structured plans of what was going on. Not knowing if I should stay around with Dylan, if things would turn bad after that, so far the travel went really great without fight or anger and if we were still up to do some part of the road together.  It affected my mood and especially my social one.

I finished the risk game against Martin and WON!!! (I have to say it since we never win against him on Die Siedler von Catan).
The we simply relaxed doing not much, and I read until I felt asleep and got waken up when Mathilde, Dylan and Jenny came back. We prepared the bed and I got to sleep on it but finally ended up on the floor as Jenny and Dylan took the sofa-bed over... well --- but well I wasn't asleep :P

Did you used a french tickler Dylan? ;) (That's just a Monthy Python's quote!)

Cheers Mate eh! ;)
October 29

My mood was so bad, I didnt want to be out of bed and didnt see the reason why to do so, I was awake all morning and listened the people talking thats all. I was thinking of what I shall do later and was fearing the fact that I so far had no idea and especially that I needed anyway to do something and be active before I would have no place to stay!

Dumbly my mood wasn't all happy happy and especially not up to see some romance. I was in need of a terrific calm time.  As Mathilde, Jenny and Dylan started watching Charly and the chocolate factory, which wasn't fitting my mood and neither Martin was interested we went to the balcony and talked. He suggested that we moved out and do something, so we picked his car and first went to Ingrid where my computer was stored. I went to get it and it seemed that she had quite an harsh week end and she wasn't happy to be awaken.

At least on my case it turned out fine just to have a kind of thing-mission to do on this sunny day!
Thus we moved to Achim and used my computer there while talking with him and preparing some dinner, that I flop sadly, while trying to make a cheese sauce for the rice.

I finally stayed at Achim to sleep that night and could use the wireless connection of one neighbour on my computer.
October 30

I went to Mathilde and with Dylan and Martin we played some game of Die Siedler von Catan (The settlers of Catan) until the afternoon. Then Dylan and me went back to get our bags and prepared to leave to Tienen again.

The temperature was fine and it was getting late but we got easily on the way while starting hitch-hiking from the entrance of the Jubelpark, the first car who passed just at the moment that we arrived, stopped and brought us to Diest. From Diest highway exit we caught another car who brought us at the entrance of Tienen within minutes. So we did it really fast within 40 minutes, the same time than if we would have taken the train!

lasersurge says:
No worries :) It's been great to read your account of our time together. Looking forward to our future time together, where ever and when ever that may be.
Posted on: Dec 13, 2006
maplefanta says:
Hehehe :P I will change my text... cheers Dylan ;)
Posted on: Dec 07, 2006
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