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June 15

A calm day, I mainly spent most of the day preparing my things for tomorrow on the ship and in the flat as well as I was about to have guests tonight.
Tonight we prepared a farewell meeting for Adrian (HC: adrianvargax) who is leaving back to Mexico, we will be meeting and have a drink in Bournemouth and I will meet my guests there later as well.

I was a bit too lazy to actually do something duringt he day so I just waited for the evening... it wil also be my first guests in my new place and it will be 4 persons.

So later, I took the bus to Bournemouth and met first with Stuart (thinkaloud) who is from Weymouth and came for the meeting, which is great as we tried to meet several time before but always failed to do so. Then I met with my guests who are spanish living in London and a polish guy.. that was great, a long annoying discussion with an ecclectic scottish in the square and we could join the other for the improvised meeting at the moon (that was when Eamonn called eventhough he was at eyesight!).

We went for a drink, cheering at Adrian and discussing with everyone there.
Later, I went to the bus station to pick up Ela (HC: lizka) that was arriving later... her bus was late and I had to wait, so I went to do my grocery at Asda in the meantime. When she arrived we tried to catch a bus back downtown, but the damn bus just drove in front of us without stopping! Shitty Wilt n Dorset drivers.
So we ended up walking back... so we arrived late and had only a short drink and goodbye before everyone left on their side.
It was a nice farewell to Adrian... I hope he enjoys Mexico.

We took the bus back to Poole and silently went into my room, (the neighbour was fucking loud, that was a good laugh!). We talked for a while and they slept on my room while I slept on the couch.
I had some really great polite guests... It was really a load of fun having them over.

June 16

We woke up all early and quiet, but then we had time enough to relax and take our time. I prepared a little breakfast and by the end of the morning everyone left... On my case I finished preparing to leave to work. So a long working day was at the horizon.
But it was greatly sunny to cycle to work...

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photo by: ElliBetty