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On a danish beach...
3 countries in a day, and today one more will add.
--July 20
We left Groningen with an hour late wakin, eating packing and getting on the road to the edge of town to start hitch-hiking. Being later to try to reach Denmark on the same day wasnt finally such a problem since there was already 4 hitch hikers going to Berlin awaiting at the spot... the first car who stopped took 4 including us and shortly after we were on the highway service station being eating by some mosquitos and some slightly longer waiting... finally its a car who was on the highway who saw us and stopped at the end of the on ramp where we ran and got a ride with a nice dutch all the way till after Bremen. It was cool, nice talk and airco!
Once at the german highway station between Bremen and Hamburg it was about after midday but the temperature was hugely hot, we reached 37 degree.
Reserved Danish beach
Relax in the shadow for a while, having lunch and discussing with an old dutch couple on vacation going north with their caravan but obviously had no intention to take us so we neverminded anyway. The temperature was so hot that our food was all melted and we throw the liquid chocolate that the bars had become.
Finally its after some hoursthat we started moving, someone stopping but offering a ride for money which we refused since it was only to Hamburg... looking shyly to ask at the tank station we finally got a ride offered by a polish truck driver all the way to the danish border in Padsborg. Its been fine and we communicated in french, the ride on a truck is longer but always sure to reach destination... plus we managed to get some sleep. Around Hamburg there was a huge traffic jam so its been long to cross the tunnel but finally by the end of the day we were at the danish border in Padsborg.
Knocking at the mini-village
There we waited a bit long not knowing where to go and finally a girl with her daughter stop to take us along... great talk and fast speed we arrived in Kolding really fast and avoid the little thunder storm who was arriving over... Just the fact of advancing is great and motivating for backpackers and hitch hikers and there at the service station even if it was somewhat empty we were smily.
 Finally its an old danish couple who approach us and where going nearby Esbjerg, we talked with them and they finally took us over and we talked some more with these elderly people in the car who are going every year to back pack themself in Thailand and do as well some kind of trip like we do ourselves. That was great, they called our host and finally drove us all the way to Troels place in Esbjerg.
Troels at the mini village... terrorising its inhabitants [viking]
As she was working in a mini museum in the city of Vaarne and she invited us to pass along in the coming days.
Once at Troels we had some short meal and cilled at his place discussing and finally using the internet and going to sleep more early but it was already late when we arrived anyway... of course as the sunlight last way more long up north its more hard to find it out.
--July 21
The following day we had some good morning sleep to wake up about10h and prepare slowly to go with Troels to the most western point of continental Danmark a bit more in the north where he was giving a tour for his museum where he work. It was for the first time more cloudy so for the time we were at the beach we didnt get a sun, but then anyway we enjoyed the white sand and i did enjoy all the bunker standing around.
Troels and Laura at the famous 'three white men' of Esbjerg
Took some pictures of light house and lied on the beach while Troels did his tour in danish. After that we got back in the car to travel the danish road all the way to Vaarne where we stopped in the center looking for the mini-city museum and had a typical hot dog something at the stand (which i took veggie.. no weiners simply).
Hop at the museum where we met with the person who took us over the previous day and enjoyed a view of the city in a 10 time reduced scale... it was nice to see her again and pretty enthousiatic too... I bought some postcard which I forgot to post anyway :(
 Back in Esbjerg we drove by the museum to see a Cachalot squeleton standing outside and after we went to the the 4 white men which is the biggest feature trademark of the coast there and consist of 4 white marble giant statues of men looking at the harbour and having different numbers of toes!
Later we chilled and walked to the harbour to have a meal at a seamen restaurant where we had a big danish sea threat whose price was affordable especially with the service and size of the dish.
Me and my sunburn
.. The rest of the evening was chilling with some whisky and awaiting the next morning.
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On a danish beach...
On a danish beach...
Reserved Danish beach
Reserved Danish beach
Knocking at the mini-village
Knocking at the mini-village
Troels at the mini village... terr…
Troels at the mini village... ter…
Troels and Laura at the famous th…
Troels and Laura at the famous 't…
Me and my sunburn
Me and my sunburn
photo by: the_bill