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February 19

So luckely I made it to the surrounding of Portsmouth, not too bad so far for a first hitch-hiking experience in the UK. But most of the ride are always short ones. So from now I waited long (an hour? more?) before at last another mini-van stopped to bring me further and  it took me 3 cars to reach Worthing and get stuck there as well before finally be outside Brighton. By then it was already dark and I was standing by a roundabout.

I've got lucky an old man stopped and was going all the way to Newhaven and he also gave me an atlas of the UK, thats great as there was hell more detail than that damn Michelin map I had.
In Newhaven I knew I could catch a bus, the man left me by the coastal road near the train station. So I first looked for the bus schedule but as I had plenty of time I simply started to hitch as well from where I was and it worked. Someone took me all the way in his bmw to Eastbourne Train Station and I sms Florian (hc: kiwiflave) that I would be arriving soon. Then I waited for him a little and we walked to his place, crossing this dead street sea resort city, which is actually way more a resort for the aged one.

We had great discussion together around a beer, and prepared a pasta meal. I was sooooo hungry that it was welcome!
Later on, Flo took me out for a short walk in Eastbourne along the main sea-side street and to the pier. I was amazed that it is actually a well sprawled and big city. All the cities I crossed along the coast were, eventhough that when you read their name they don't ring any bell at all.

Then I slept in the living room of his spatious appartment!
February 20

I woke up early and get prepared, Flo's flatmate brought me by around 9-10am to the road where I could start hitching which though was still pretty much inside the town. There was a Tesco Gas Station which at first I was asking the people where they were going but then they came to evict me as they said someone complaint that I asked her for a lift. Which was not true, as I had simply asked people if they were going in direction of Hastings but not if they were up to take me. Since everybody answered negatively to my question.

Anyway, I got mad by the whole situation and by the fact that they were watching me... but especially that there was actually someone existing that was dumb enough to interfer with people's life as I would simply have asked a question and that would have been enough for that person to say and think: ''Die Scum, I'm going to make sure that you have a hell day''!

I went back to the roundabout and hitched there, my luck a car stopped and I was in Bexhill! Then from there a car took me again and brought me at the beginning of Hastings:
Bad thing!
1- big sprawled city
2- city with high crime!

I stood there for a bit, then my luck went when a polish car stopped and they took me out of town back in the countryside on my way to Dover. At last, my next step should be Dover directly. I stood long a bit as there wasn't a lot of traffic, the strange thing is that woman going in direction of Hastings waved at me, when I arrived next to the car (as she was planning of taking me) I asked her... she was going to Hastings, I answered: well I'm going to other direction, that's why I'm standing on the other direction! Silly moment.

A mini-van came back its way just to pick me and the guy had time to kill before going back to London at his company so he brought me directly to Dover Harbour. Great!
I was there pretty early by about mid-afternoon.

Now how to cross the Channel?
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photo by: Vikram