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Tanking and on the way to Orleans
October 18

That day PJ was giving a atelier in Orleans so we could get a ride with him in his tiny compact car... so we did!

We got a nice ride in direction of Orleans enjoying the countryside view and the attempts to overpass a truck!
Then once in Orleans we first settled by Joan of Arc statue to relax and stay calm while we were looking at a girl passing pamphlet over... after having had a short talk with her and getting one of these pamphlet giving a 2/1 on sandwich in a restaurant nearby we decided as well that we were quite hungry. We went to get the delicious veggie sandwich that we ate on the Joan of Arc bottom statue (which was the only seat place on the whole square)... as we were starting to enjoy our meal an old french men tried to give us the moral about disrespecting monument.
Crazy Dylan had hallucination about the future of that country
.. huh!!??

We just looked at each other, Dylan asking me what he says... and me to simply looking at the man who was expecting an answer and staying silent. After a while he went away and we kept eating... thinking of all the answer we could have said, the short one being: Parlez-vous anglais!

The longest being, its a monument which has a public utility or doesn't deserve to be... a monument is made for the citizen to have a artistic fonction as well as a functionnal one otherwise it is simply being a dilapidation of the public money.

Anyhow, when we were finishing our meal and starting to move away... it seems the old man went to the police as a police officer on a bicycle was coming in our direction to tell us to go down. Stupid!

It was also time that we use the time in Orleans to see the city a bit, we did a tour along the water and to the cathedral where Dylan did a perfect imitation of Joan of Arc.
Yes Yes Dylan Yes, she was against the English
And this without actually knowing her history ;)

We finally ended up back at the same statue square and decided to wait for PJ to arrive to drive back to Bourges...

We spent the evening watching movies (Black cat - White Cat / Lost in Translation) and using the Internet... and we didnt manage to find ourself a host for the next day. We were then thinking of reaching Lille and then decided to go to Belgium or see what was going to happen.
October 19

We slowly prepared ourself to leave Bourges and left by midday walking in direction North with the hope to reach the highway that goes in direction of Paris.

It started well as a young man stopped to bring us out of town in a near suburb without having to stand still but just lifting the thumb while walking.
A ride in a car without bags weeeee

There its been more long but we did get several ride that took the whole afternoon moving slowly from 10km to another 10km and coping with the rain.

At least we managed to be next to a supermarket on the way and we could go to get some decent food to gobble at the exact moment and some other snacks for the evening eventually.
Then a woman stopped for us, the first time on this trip in France, and brough us all the way to the highway even if it was 20km further than her destination. It was really great then... but we arrived at the highway by dusk and we finally only had complete about 130km since Bourges!!

At least with the nightfall, a man still stopped and said he could leave us to the highway at a petrol station but then he started driving direction south... and the petrol station wasn't arriving at all and we got left on a petrol station direction south.

We were exhaust it was night and we simply sat to eat and decided we wouldnt go further that night... the worst is that from this petrol station we were about 50km from Bourges... :S
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Tanking and on the way to Orleans
Tanking and on the way to Orleans
Crazy Dylan had hallucination abou…
Crazy Dylan had hallucination abo…
Yes Yes Dylan Yes, she was against…
Yes Yes Dylan Yes, she was agains…
A ride in a car without bags weeeee
A ride in a car without bags weeeee
photo by: cmari11