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Having dinner at the Veggie Resto!
January 29

After this long hot bus ride, I finally arrived in Brno. Having an evil cold and a head willing to explode... but especially a need to drink every second and therefore to pee as well. I managed a corner to do so.

Then not long after I manage to meet with Zuzana (HC: liessa) who will be my host for the coming 2 days until I catch my flight to England from Brno Airport. Then it will be a complete another story.
We took the tram and went direct to her place, talking with her flatmates and relaxed while receiving a little food, tea, natural healthy products and KLEENEX!

It's a rough moment though with this cold! All my energy are gone!

January 30

My cold is still killing me, but to get healthy we all go together to a Vegeterian restaurant in town having a wonderful meal for really cheap.
Tasty Food at the Vegan resto!
Then we walk further and Zuzana need to go to work and her flatmates to class, so I will spend the rest of the afternoon visiting Brno and meeting with Anna (HC:anizka). She is a cool girl, as I was her first encounter with HC I think she was a bit stress to know what would happen. :D
I guess the fact that I was slightly ill and not to keen on turning long around before making a decision made thing easier, after a walk in the city and a stop at the computer class at university, we ended up having a cake and tea at a local café. It was a great encounter, she was funny :)

Later on, I simply went back home and cooked myself some improvised meal with the only few little things I could by for myself at the local Tesco with the few Czech Crowns I had. Then relaxed with more tea and we watched few movies with Zuzana's flatmate: Coffee and Cigarette (that was pretty good!) and Life of Brian (yeahh Monty Python!).

Then I simply felt asleep
January 31

It's been a slow waking up, my plane was in the late afternoon so everything was fine. I talked a bit more with my host, prepared some lunch for the day and later on they brought me to the bus that would bring me to the airport.

The bad thing is that I'm having such a strong headache and still a bad cold, I filled up my bottle of water 3 times... I really needed to drink that cold away. So basically I sat at the airport drinking water.

Later before catching the flight, I decided it would be necessery that I eat something so I took a camembert sandwich from the shop with my last Koruna, ate it and drink a bit more before throwing my bottle away. That is the biggest and stupidest change since the last time I took a plane. No liquid onboard! It's really a big joke, I might splash the seat... oh no, wait that's right... there is a lobby that might make a lot of money now: Ziploc Bags... and Ryan Air selling drinks onboard. True true, how could we brink it cheaper from the Aldi while they can make a fortune with it!
Nobody will make me swallow the liquid bomb crap.

So anyway, I board my Ryan Air Flight from Brno to London Stansted And cheers from the flight where I'm trying to stay relax as I can not drink something for the nearly 2h flight, even if my throat is dry as a camel ass.
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Having dinner at the Veggie Resto!
Having dinner at the Veggie Resto!
Tasty Food at the Vegan resto!
Tasty Food at the Vegan resto!
photo by: HelenP