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My tent in the finish countryside

August 16

So there I was in the middle of the countryside in Aapajarvi, and then I got to get in mind that I was obviously not going to get further for today, which was ok as I had the full camping equipment and the temperature was alright. And of course, I wasnt expected anywhere for that evening.

While there, hanging around a ABC petrol station restaurant; I met with 2 young finnish guys who revealed of a great chat and we talked about everything and nothing. Even going still inside for me to get some fries, which was forgotten by the employees so I got free tea with it. I took the chance to talk to the employee to see if I could get contact with anybody driving in direction of the highway but nope, When I left the place by closing time they gave me some sandwich though! Pretty cool.

I then said goodbye to the 2 young finns and left along the road to find a spot to put up the tent, walking further south. One of them joined me back by cycling and we exchanged email address.

I kept walking some km and further on when it looked calm, I pulled to the forest trying to find a spot in the first dark night in weeks and it was also actually the first camping night I had of the whole trip. Building the tent has been easy and then the sleep went good too
August 17

I woke up later than expected, hearing the car and having the heat of the sun hitting the tent. Finally I gave a push to get out and look around of where I had put the tent, it looked like a good area. So I started packing and having breakfast and then hit on the road again, walking along the road until a bus stop where I waited until someone took me few km away to a crossroad that was going to bring me to the highway eventually. Luckely the rain felt while I was in the car and the sun came back out when I got out!

Then the traffic was rather dead and the sun getting warm, I changed into my bermudas as there was no car anyway and wait some longer. Finally, I got my first ride in a finnish truck who was going all the way to Aanekoski. So it was advancing. Then I got out and I didnt have to wait to long with my sign to Jyvaskyla before someone going even all the way southern than Tampere took me along. Instead of getting out in Jyvaskyla to catch the road down to Helsinki, I decided to ride with him to the highway leaving from Tampere which is at shorter distance than Helsinki.

That was not the best idea... I arrived in the area of Lempaala in the afternoon and got stuck there again.


I got out along the highway near Kulju, then the rain started so I took refugee on a bike tunnel and get some snack. When it stopped again, I tried some HH but the scarce traffic fastly made me change my mind and I moved to try on the national road that is parallel to the highway. There it was useless and cars didnt stop so I walked and walked few km until the next highway on-ramp. Luckely just for the last km a woman took me to left me at the on-ramp, she was going to Tampere. I regret afterwhile to not have taken the ride.

There was absolutely no traffic there and after a long waiting, I tried my luck on the highway itself which didnt work either so I grabbed my bag and walked again further on the road to reach the village of Lempaala. There I stopped at a store to get something to drink as my water reserve was empty since way earlier that day, started to ask people to get a ride. Nobody was moving in my direction but a young guy in a car stopped and asked me. He aggreed to bring me to the highway on-ramp there. Which was looking way better as there was a bus-stop on it. I waited and again there was no traffic, but finally my luck arrive and someone driving to Toijala, which is at last on the highway going direct to Helsinki and not to Turku, picked me up. There I stopped at the service station and then I started asking people... after few people. I went to a trucker and asked him and he was going and taking me all the way to Helsinki! Hooray!

We were going to arrive pretty late though but at least I had the ride. Of course, I had nowhere to go and I was about to arrive at 23hpm. But well it was a real sympathic and discussing ride, as he drives truck as a hobby and actually own the company :D

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My tent in the finish countryside
My tent in the finish countryside
photo by: maplefanta