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Brussels and Mechelen and back

November 6

We needed to wake up early to leave Gent on time to be able to meet Laura in Brussels  by 10ham especially to be there by hitch-hiking. It seemed that by 9h30 we would be late but a woman stopped to pick us and left us downtown at footsteps of the Stock Market by 10 after 10.  So it was greatly on time.

Now that I knew a bit more from my time on the Internet in Gent what I would do and head of Belgium for a while to go East into Lithuania! I needed to get to do some shopping. I went to buy sewing wire, sucks and thermal underclothes. Since northern Poland would probably be cold as hell.

Also, there is a meeting organised in Maastricht for the week end and I would plan to go and then starts my next trip from there through the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. all by hitch-hiking of course with less than 300 euros that I have left!

We hanged in town until Laura needed to catch her train, having a drink in a cafe near the station which remembered me 1999 since it was the last time I had been into that cafe before leaving Belgium then.

After it with Dylan we went to have pita and talked a lot about lots of things and about plans. Dylan felt still not sure about what to do for the coming weeks and was still on a thinking mood.

We went to Achim at the time agreed and stayed at his place for a time. Dylan was going to stay at Anne (HC:sacre45)

I spent the night planning my trip for the coming weeks and contacting people or even talking with Achim before going to sleep.
November 7

I woke up in decent hour and worked again on the Internet, Dylan sent me a message about meeting with Christel (HC:christeldecloedt). I prepared and answered him later in the afternoon. He passed over and we finally walk a part of the way to St-Gilles to go have dinner at her place. Of course now for a week and so with the time changes the nightfall is pretty much more early. Which is not to give some active life or help to do something during the evening, make you feel tired pretty early and is bad for hitch-hiking as well.

But well, we had a great evening dinner in her company and talked a lot about everything.

We left by running for fun to be silly and to keep warm as well as to be sure to catch a tram. I made the mistake of stopping running on the street and reach the sidewalk where I bumped into a group of Maroccan whom I didnt pay attention while jogging by, the result was that one simply pushed me and made me fall down which I had quite hard further away. Then I slowly got up again and they were simply just 'barking' what a bunch of moron! I knew they were just expecting some provocation back so the only words I said were in French Canadian dialect and walk away slowly.

Dylan in the meantime had stopped further on the road wondering what was happening and came towards me as I was walking to make sure I was alright. It was great that he was there and he acted wonderfully! I liked it! (;)

We split at a tram stop, not sure if we would see in the coming months and left with a hug!
November 8

I woke up slowly and prepared slowly enough to be in hurried to reach Gil in Mechelen. I finally took the train and met her there at the train station to have a drink. We talked a lot about the past and the present and I was anxious to meet little Gil for a long time now but finally we only went to the dance class at the end to meet her shortly. Gil's bf was there and Gieke was quite shy and didn't want to approach me or talk.

It made me sad in a way, and proves a lots towards me. Still she was so cute and she so changed a lot since she was a young baby girl!

So Gil left back to Hombeek quite early and she wouldnt be back, so I went to walk in town thinking about getting something to eat and also going to buy more stuff I need.
Mieke finally called that she was arriving in town while I was at the supermarket and I decided to walk slowly towards her place and we met on the way.

I talked with Mieke a while and used the computer as Frank had told me that there would be a Skype meeting for HCVOL in the evening. So I logged in and we talked about the future of the organisation, the tasks we would do and so on... on the way of creating another hospitality exchange community with improvments!
November 9

I got up early and moved slowly to the highway to leave back to Brussels, first trying to contact Gil to see if we would meet but no. So, I started hitch-hiking back and I was surprised by the time it took before someone took me along.

Anyhow I got a ride and reached Brussels North, I thought of passing by to say hi to people but finally I gave up and started walking in direction of Achim's place. I met a german girl doing au pair and being HC member on the way whom I had met at Onur's party. It was nice even if she was in a hurry we talked a little and stretched it longer and longer until she left to be late finally. We said bye thinking we might still meet... could be cool!

Then I stopped by to say 'hi' to Ingrid but she wasnt at job so I continued my way and went to relax at Achim, used the computer and Dylan finally stopped by.

We talked and later went to eat Fries at Place Jourdan and talked some more until he needed to leave to a party which I didnt feel like going.
November 10

I was leaving today to Maastricht, but it took me lots of energy to pack and be ready to leave. There was as well a meeting organised in Brussels tonight which I would have liked to assist but this would have change all my plans... So I left from the entrance of Jubelpark, somehow too late by the afternoon!

I got a ride to Tienen with a really cool walloon guy and we talked a lot, he was interested in my travel and experience and was up to share his point of view of life.
Then I needed to reach the highway that goes to Maastricht and luckely after a while and by dusk a car stopped to bring me to the entrance of Diest. There I didnt have to wait long before another car took me to Diepenbeek.

My luck was that it was rush hour so lots of cars were passing by. From Diepenbeek I waited long enough to get bored but a mini-truck stopped with dogs to bring me to the border city and there I was lucky as there was road work with only one lane open the car needed to stop and I walked along until someone drop its windows and I was within 2h in Maastricht!

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photo by: Vlindeke