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May 9

A good relaxed moment together and calm alone in the house after our previous days adventure. It was quite romantic as well at a certain point.

May 10

We slept longer, still together and enjoying every second of it. It was a rainy day and actually the first bad weather in a long time. So it was not really motivating to go do sightseeing or make projects but we didn't really care actually.

We simply stayed home and cuddled. In the quietness of our tower house in Branksome.

Floh arrived later by the end of the day, and we could listen HIS HH story which was even more of a failure than ours... a 25h attempt to come home, sleeping in Calais terminal, caught by the rain. He missed a day at work which was not planned.

Then even later, Eamonn arrived and we all had a good chat together, but only me and Nadine for more talk, cuddling and sex.

May 11

Early wake up for me, I needed to go to Poole for my National Insurance Number interview (at last after having talked about it dozens of time in the last months!).

It went fine and I was back home by midday, spending time with Nadine and relaxing. I could join her in bed when I arrived which was great.
We later walked to Tesco to get food for a huge evening meal that she would prepare, everyone came back and Nadine did the cooking.

We enjoyed the meal in front of the TV. I worked a little on the computer and spent time with Nadine as much as I could for our last night together. Then we had to plan her departure and packing.

Ohh one good thing was that during the day, I received a call that I would not need to be in Weymouth the next morning but Poole harbour instead and later during the day. So instead of leaving to Weymouth that afternoon, I could spend another evening with Nadine at home.

So I called Stuart to let him know that I finally would not come to Weymouth at his place and we would try to meet at a later time instead.


May 12

We woke up hell early, Nadine prepared herself and I accompanied her to the hitching point near Herbert Road. In such a early morning, there was not that many traffic and the weather was sunny but changing quite fast. I finally left her, and we made our farewell until the next time we would meet, a strong kiss and hugs and she stood alone trying to catch a ride. I ended up waiting a bit further to see if she would be picked up, she finally did.

I returned home, silent and calm flat by now. I finally did some cleaning and prepared my thing for midday to start my very first day on the ship!

The bus downtown was so slow that I wondered if I would be late on my first day, I did arrive just on time after having run through Poole to arrive in the Port which wasn't too good as it made me so tired. Luckely I was on time, and I started to meet the people I would train with.

And hop, with no time we were on the ship discussing sea and work related topics preparing for sailing as a trainee, watching the safety video, receiving sea-sick pills as the sea was to be rough and visiting the different areas of the ship. We sailed leaving Poole by the afternoon in direction of Guernsey and St-Malo, finally the sea turn out to be rough indeed! But I did fine!

I took place at the Duty-Free shop to work a little and learn the things about the cash register and storage. And this went on for the few hours of sailing, of course many passenger got sick and needed assistance. Also coming back to our seats from time to time for announcement and training.

After few hours at this rough sea, I started to feel bad as well. This has especially happened after that I went to the higher level of the ship, to the bridge, and then down again. It made me feel dizzy a little, I went outside and I finally became sick as well. :S About 30 minutes from Guernsey, we would finally step out ashore in St-Peter-Port Guernsey to relax and take back from that first experience. I wasn't the only one who got sick either.
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photo by: vixen2306