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March 12

Floh was sick last night, he still went to work today but he came back earlier in the afternoon. He got a sick leaves from his job and later this week he will go to the doctor.

His parents were here while I was away and they were sick too so now it was his turn. I took care of him pretty well ;) and prepared tea and so.

It was a quiet day, I unpacked and also prepared my own bedroom which will be in the tower. So now Floh and me won't be sharing the same room anymore (then I might not be sick as well).

Floh rented some movies so we watched them.
I also managed to make Internet work on my computer.

March 13

I went for a walk in the neighbourhood, getting fresh air and bring back the movies. Later, I went to Lidl to do the week grocery and brought everything back, it was pretty harsh to walk with it all.

I prepared lunch and talked with Floh. I worked with the computer and later on that evening I decided to resign from Volunteering from HC as nothing is going on anymore and we don't get any news.

I was awaiting mail about this for already 2 months, as I had been asked to take coordination of the Geo team in December already, I wasn't agreeing with the forum management and the whole atmosphere was so nasty. Especially that it went crap towards everyone that decided to work with BeWelcome as well. And also no routine were followed anymore.

March 14

I go for a walk in the sunny weather with Floh, he doesnt seem too at ease and he feels still sick, so we rent some movies again and went home later. We watched Lucky number Slevin, which was pretty cool.

For the rest it was a discovering the neighbourhood walk. Branksome!
March 15

A quiet sunny day, in the afternoon Adrian came (HC: adrianvargax) and we watched the second movie (Hoodwinked) before returning them over and have lunch. By the evening, while we were preparing our pizza some students from Bournemouth came to interogate us about CS for a work about hospitality website. We talked about it and tried to do our best but with the current situation we did talk about the politics.

Adrian left and I went to the Lidl again for the big grocery with Floh, it goes slightly expensive with all this.
March 16

Calm day with computer work and I watched 'Clerk' by the evening.

March 17

St-Patrick Day!

I talked to people on the net and it's later by the evening that we went out, floh and me to have a St-Pats beer at the local pub on Ashley Road.

Happy St-Pat
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