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Anybody interested in having a look at any previous journey I had shall look the following link and website where I had already published all my journey prior to subscribe here to join a friend (Dylan) on his page listing friends. As I dont know yet how to use the site, I will see what I do... for sure I will only publish future journey on here, the current one... I might start it on both site. Cheers to you dear visitor:

The packing has been done on a hurry, even if I had enough time to pack within the last weeks between the end of University (Where I'm at last freshly diplomed, all open to settle wherever, for  jobs and so on) and my departure date on July 2 with British Airways.

So the night before I haven't slept at all trying to prepare myself so the sunday morning I was dead tired before I get some napping to leave around noon from Quebec to Montreal to catch my flight by the evening. My parents were the most stress of it though, in a way as they seem to wonder what I will be doing with my life.

The day was warm, sunny and the drive long but calm... things went all smooth in Montreal. Getting my bag to the check in and leaving back in town for lunch and relaxing by the Lachine Canal under a hard wind but a strong sun until it was time for me to leave back to the airport, hugging my parents in the parking lot, check-in and wait as the BA flight departure was delayed. So I waited look at the people and amazingly had no feeling or thought nor even excitement prior to the flight. I was just flying to Europe... again, as I did several time before although this time I had no purposes.

The flight went fine but for the first time ever I slept nearly the whole ride... while usually I stayed up to watch the movies. I was sitting next to a calm young finish family who also slept as well. I was amazed by the fact that the young girl was all calmed and never complained even if she got sick on the plane.  The adventure brought me to London Heathrow, I had time wasnt stress and just did the whole long customs and check-in formality before going to wait to my next gate for my flight to Brussels. I was still tired though and there was lots lots of people. The waiting went fast while I took my time to take some photo of the airport.

Hop back on the flight where the open sky gave us a great view on the ground. Again I enjoyed the view of the English Channel where you see clearly the ferry of Calais-Dover going between the narrowed straight. I amazingly recognised several feature of Belgium like the Waterloo lion from the air, which was all clear, that is great. The plane landed formality at the belgian custom which I didnt know what to answer as I don't know why I'm there (visit people) and how long I will stay. Anyway, they let me go through without worries. Their easyness is wonderful, it wasnt complicated and she clearly explained to me what was my entry conditions.

My bag was there and I was out fast, to wait for Nele to come before we got the train ride to Leuven to her appartment. The weather was hot hot hot, sunny and great so instead of sleeping we went to walk and to do the grocery during the day.

My biggest hunt for the following days in Leuven has been to shop for a new mobile phone

Chokk says:
Congrats on your feature ;)
Posted on: Jul 17, 2013
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congrats on your featured blog!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2013
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