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When my 8am alarm went off I found myself already half awake, having tossed and turned for most of the night I don’t think I had one full hour of solid sleep. As per usual the anticipation of an exciting day makes my sleeping pattern go out of whack and in most cases I get very little sleep the night before. As Mario had promised, I received a call from him by 8:15am saying he was on his way and by 9:00am he was outside my hotel. Our first stop was to drop my luggage off at his apartment and then we were off to catch the bus and then a train to get to Old Port Montreal.


Within about 40 minutes we reached our final stop and were soon on foot toward the beautiful Old Port.

Walking towards the port we passed many monuments and old buildings, many of which we took pictures of while Mario explained the history behind them. We came across the Municipal Court building and then City Hall which we decided to go inside since Mario had never been inside City Hall before. We took many pictures inside and the guard at the front entrance let us walk up to the chamber of commerce to take some pictures. We had thought we could venture all over but when I went to take some pictures of some of the monuments on the far wall the guard stopped us and told us we could only stay in the main entrance area.


After visiting City hall we spent close to 2 hours roaming the streets of Old Port taking pictures of everything we could see. We passed may important sights including the Basilique Notre-Dame, Marche Bonsecours, Place D’Armes, Place Jaques-Cartier and the Musee D’Archeolgie Pointe-A-Calliere which was built on the very spot where European settlers set up their first camp.

While exploring around the musee we came across the first ever water well setup by the settlers when they first arrived. The funny thing was that this well was covered in snow and if Mario hadn’t have pointed it out and brushed the snow off for me, I would never have even seen it! While looking at one of the monuments beside the well that honoured the first settlers of Montreal, a class of students came around and were being given a tour of Old Montreal by their teacher. What I found funny was that the teacher passed right by the first well of Montreal without saying a word about it! Mario quickly pointed out to some of the students what the well meant and that their teacher neglected to mention it. I laughed as Mario ranted about how he could probably teach the students better than their professor that probably wasn’t even from Montreal to begin with.


Anyways, after another hour of venturing in and around building, we decided to meet up with Val (Mario’s Girlfriend) for some lunch.

We headed over to the building she was working at and after showing us around her office were on our way to find some eats. Within minutes we were upon L’Usine De Spaghetti which is a cozy little Italian restaurant located close to Old Port. The pasta dish I ordered came promptly and within minutes I had devoured the whole plate, I had totally forgotten about not eating any breakfast when I got up. By 1:30pm Val was needing to head back to work so Mario and I decided to head back to the train station so we could try to make it to the Olympic Stadium and the Biodome before they closed.


When we got off the train I was amazed to find out that we were already inside the Olympic Stadium! When we finally came across the main entrance into the main part of the station we were disappointed to find that the doors were locked.

Unfortunately the main part of the stadium was closed while they constructed the next exposition. A little discouraged we headed straight for the Biodome which is attached to the stadium, praying that it wasn’t closed as well. After a short walk, we reached the Biodome and luckily it was still open so we decided to walk through it since I had never been and Mario hadn’t been in many years. In two hours we managed to cover all 4 ecosystems including the rainforest, Arctic Circle, rolling woodlands and Atlantic Oceanfront. We saw everything from alligators, otters, beavers, Lynx, frogs, bats, monkeys, birds, penguins as well as many other small animals and reptiles. All in all I had a great time at the Biodome and would highly suggest you check it out if you’re in Montreal.


By 4pm we were on our way back to Mario’s place where we would wait for Val to get home before having dinner and then I’d have to head to the airport.

After getting settled in at Marios apartment, Mario threw in one of Andrew “Dice” Clay’s comedy DVD’s which we watched for nearly an hour while we waited for Val to arrive home from work. We laughed steady through the whole DVD which was filled with crude humour from the late eighties/early nineties. Val walked in the door shortly after we finished the DVD and within a half hour we were enjoying a great dinner of Beef Kabobs and Rice. For desert Val had brought home some Tim Horton’s timbits which we worked on for quite some time. Even after we put them away, Val and I would steal some from the box when Mario wasn’t looking haha


When 7pm rolled around, we decided it would be best to head to the airport since my flight was at 9pm and it was best to arrive a little early just in case. I said goodbye to Val and after loading up my luggage in Mario’s car, we were on our way to the airport.

We arrived at the airport at around 7:45pm and after unloading all my luggage, said my goodbyes to Mario, vowing that I would come back another time and he’d get to show me around more of the province of Quebec. By 8:15pm I was all checked in and sitting by my gate waiting for the signal to start boarding the plane back to Calgary. When they started boarding at 8:40pm I quickly got settled into my seat and got out my laptop to continue writing my blog about the trip. I spent most of the near 4 hour flight recalling all the great memories from this trip, all the great people I got to meet and the cool places I got to see. I really wish I would have had more time to see more of Quebec but I plan to come back again sometime during the summer months and see more of this beautiful province.
I guess like all trips, they have to come to an end and like usual I wasn’t happy to be heading home but I plan to visit Asia this spring so I guess I can spend the next couple months planning and day dreaming about what will become of my adventures in the future. Thanks to all of those that have read this blog, I have really enjoyed writing my first ever travel blog!

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photo by: cvanzoen