Day 3 - Help! I'm hung over and I can't get up!

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Fannie and I at "House" in Montreal!

So if you managed to check out yesterday’s blog you may have seen this coming, if not, the title should have given you some hint as to what most of this day consisted of. I guess you can’t consider the whole day a complete write-off but seriously, we didn’t get up till close to 2pm! I felt like garbage this morning, my alarm went off at 9am but it fell on deaf ears as I was sound asleep, dreaming of drinking water. I’m not even joking either, I dreamt of drinking water all night long! I guess in my drunken state the previous night I may have forgotten to drink some water and thus I was dehydrated, dreaming of every possible way I could consume this wonderful hangover cure. When I finally awoke from my sleep, I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a big glass of water and headed for the shower. By 3pm I was up and ready to start the day, better late than never I guess. Like the previous night we were considering having a quite night to recuperate from drinking and thought a nice long supper would do us good. One thing I should mention, long suppers are a bad idea, the longer you eat, the more you drink, the more you drink, the more you feel like going out and having fun! After cooking and enjoying some homemade fajitas we had managed to drink enough wine, martinis and Gin to be ready for another night of partying. We left the apartment and grabbed a taxi to the club “House” which seemed to have a mix of trance, Dance, Old school and top 40 music, all being mixed by 3 pretty good DJ’s. I started off drinking double Grey Goose and 7-up, I managed 4 before the girls decided it would be a good idea to start drinking double stingers on the rocks which is when things started to get hazy. We closed the place down at 3:30am and were in a taxi on the way home when we decided to stop at “La Banquise” for some late night eats. Now I know I don’t have much experience with eating poutine’s in Quebec but the poutine I had at this place was to die for! Seriously, I don’t understand why other places in Canada and the world don’t have places that specialize in poutine cus La Banquise was just what the doctor ordered! I ate mine so fast I don’t even remember what all was in it, I think there was some Bacon and sausage or something like that along with the typical fries, cheese and gravy that accompany a normal poutine but either way, it was amazing! After Poutine we jumped in a cab and passed out at Fannie’s apartment again, this time I managed to drink some water, hoping to god I would have a hangover like what I had from the previous night of drinking! Even though we didn’t get to do any sight seeing, I was just glad to be having fun!

seeUaroundtheWorld says:
Hi Jay! Did you hear that silly songs about how to make poutine that plays in Quebec's Dance clubs?
Posted on: Jun 13, 2008
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Fannie and I at House in Montrea…
Fannie and I at "House" in Montre…
photo by: cvanzoen