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Deats enjoying his dinner, he can even use the chopsticks just fine (otherwise the food may be gone before he gets to it)
Since we were back in Taipei, our choices for different type of cuisines were pretty much unlimited. I wanted to find a good Shanghai style restaurant to show Deats a few things about the kind of food native to my family. I called around some of my friends for recommendations and picked the DianShuiLou restaurant. Ann was going to meet me and Deats at the subway station and drive to wherever we decided to eat, however, since the restaurant was conveniently located near another subway station, I messaged Ann and told here where the restaurant was. Her meeting was running a little late, so we decided to just meet at the restaurant. I would go ahead and meet Deats as originally planned and take the subway there.
Deats listening to Ann
Deats made some remarks about me being a "mad woman" in his blog, so you have to see it yourself to see his point of view! Since we said to meet at the north side of the street, I did! It was about a 10-15 minute leisurely walk from my hotel, and I got there a few minutes early. I was looking at the map outside the subway station when a tall foreigner stopped to also look at the map. So I asked him if he needed any directions. It turned out that he was a Czech fella visiting Taipei on business. He was looking for somewhere to eat, but he did not eat chicken, beef or pork! Hmm, that's kind of unusual, did he just mean he was a vegetarian? Anyway, since I was not familiar with any vegetarian restaurants nearby, I told him about Japanese restaurant and showed him the location of a Thai restaurant on my street map from the hotel.
Deats knew I was taking his photo
After he went on his way, I looked around but still didn't see Deats. So I found a nice vantage point and stood there. It was rather fun to look down at all the people, cars and motorcycles going by. And an old lady who walked by must have agreed with Deats as she kept looking back at me with a disbelieving look. Then I saw Deats walking toward me with a big smile. I jumped down and he said it would be hard to spot me otherwise, as he was waiting on the opposite side of the street. Oh well, Deats looked freshened up and sharp and ready for a fine dinner. We went back down the subway station, bought tickets (tokens) and headed to the restaurant. It required a transfer but we were pretty good with how the subway worked by now and had no problem.

We got to the building which housed the new Sogo department store and found the restaurant to be on the 11th floor.
Ann took this fun photo of me and Deats after dinner
I was in constant communication with Ann on the cell phone so I knew she had also arrived and was parking. So up we went. We did not have a reservation, but they were able to seat us anyway quickly. Since this was "my" restaurant, I ordered for us all. Several dishes were my favorites and others were the headliners for the restaurant. None were spicy, since Shanghai style leans toward a little sweet. I must say some of the dishes were just superb and I had never tasted any better. We really enjoyed our meal and company of each other. After dinner we even wrote down names of all the dishes we had so Deats can possibly order them someday on his own in China! I also handed Deats his 2nd travbuddy t-shirt, this one with a map of his travels just before he got to Taiwan! He got his first one more than 1 year ago in Beijing.

Before leaving the department store/shopping center, we spotted a food court and an ice cream store. A nice little strawberry ice cream courtesy of Deats and we ate our ice creams on a bench nearby, watching them close up shop. We then said goodbye to Ann and headed back on the subway for a good night's rest having arranged to meet again tomorrow morning.
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Deats enjoying his dinner, he can …
Deats enjoying his dinner, he can…
Deats listening to Ann
Deats listening to Ann
Deats knew I was taking his photo
Deats knew I was taking his photo
Ann took this fun photo of me and …
Ann took this fun photo of me and…
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Deats making faces and gave the A…
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